Our School Admission Appeal Fees

We recognise that parents may require different types of assistance,.  You may decide late in the process that you wish to instruct an education lawyer.  As a result, we offer a range of services beginning with free initial advice as to whether an appeal may succeed.

Thereafter we can offer a single meeting to provide guidance. We can draft your appeal statement for you to present. Alternatively we can represent you at your appeal once you have prepared the paperwork. It might be that you wish us to deal with the whole of your case from beginning to end.

Our Fixed Fees

We aim to make our fee structure as transparent as possible so that you can avoid any uncertainty. You should know the final cost of our advice or representation as set out here:

  • a one off, one hour appointment to discuss the admission result, next steps and how to structure an appeal statement and advice as to the hearing itself for £150.
  • £500 to draft the written school admission appeal statement and submit it in accordance with the deadlines.  If a detailed response is required to address the school admissions authority’s response then  there will be an additional fee of £100.
  • £900 to draft, submit and present your school admission appeal.  If a detailed response is required  then here will be an additional £75 fee.
  • £500 to provide advocacy only at the appeal hearing where a parent has submitted their own appeal statement.  If significant re-working of the statement is needed, or submission of further material is required, then the fee is likely to be the £750 for full advice and representation.

All of the above fees are exclusive of VAT so this will be applied at 20 per cent.  The only disbursement is likely to be mileage to and from the appeal hearing which will be charged at 45 pence per mile.

In some cases there may be a need for reports from professionals in order to support any primary school admissions appeal although these experts may well provide a parent the information for free.  If we have to instruct them to provide a report or a letter there may well be a charge.  We will seek your instructions in the event that we must incur these expenses on your behalf.

Our Hourly Rates for School Admission Appeals

In a minority of cases we will be unable to deal with your case by way of a fixed fee agreement. In those cases we will charge at the following rates:

  • Attendances, preparation and advocacy £150 per hour
    Travel and Waiting £75 per hour
  • Correspondence and routine telephone calls £15 each

All of the above fees are exclusive of VAT so this will be applied at 20 per cent.  Mileage will be charged at 45 pence per mile and any other necessary disbursements will be agreed with you prior to any expenditure being incurred.

It is our practice to request payments on account as your case progresses.

For more information regarding these issues or to arrange an appointment with one of our expert lawyers please contact your nearest office here or use the form below to email us.

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