The EHCP assessment process

If the Local Authority agrees to conduct a full assessment, it will go on to seek information and advice from those involved in your child’s education, social care and medical professionals. If, following this 10 week period of evidence gathering, the local authority decide to issue a plan, parents and guardians will be sent a draft copy 16 weeks after the initial request for an assessment was made.

Parents and Guardians then have 15 days to consider the draft EHCP, make comments and express a preference for an education placement. The Local Authority then has 15 days with which to consult with the Governing Body of the preferred placement. Thereafter, some 20 weeks after the initial request made, the final EHCP will be issued.

If you are experiencing significant and / or unexplained delays at any stage in the process, please contact us for legal advice as to how you can best remedy this issue.

Likewise, if having received your draft EHCP plan, you are not happy with the content or are unsure of whether it adequately addresses needs, please contact us. You have 15 days in order to make representations about issues that you are not happy with. It is important that these representations are set out well as this can avoid the potential for issues further down the line.

Please contact Clare Roberts on 0115 9599550 to discuss any issue arising out of an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) assessment or use the form below.

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