Our Football Law Specialists

Whilst a wide range of staff at VHS Fletchers Solicitors have been involved in defending Football related offences the following staff have a particular expertise in this area of law defending individuals in Police Interviews, Magistrates Court and Crown Court 

Graham Heathcote – Higher Court Advocate

Football law specialist Graham Heathcote

In addition to being a regular attender of Football matches Graham manages to merge his academic excellence and personable skills to form a formidable Advocate. His detailed forensic knowledge of the law enables him to present arguments to the Court with notable success in the area of Football related offences.

Following a recent case a Defendant (who was actually a supporter of the opposing team to Graham’s client)  was so impressed by Graham’s conduct in Court he chose to instruct Graham on his case too. Truly showing that whatever your team affiliation Graham will put forward expert legal submissions to best advance your case.

For more information on Graham see here. 

Ben Strelley – Solicitor

chesterfield criminal defence solicitor Ben Strelley
Football law specialist Ben Strelley

Ben has a long standing love of all sports including Football and has regularly been seen supporting his favourite team for many years. This led Ben to become interested in Football related crimes and has become knowledgeable in this area of law.

So in depth is his understanding he regulars advises his colleagues, including Higher Court Advocates, on recent case law in respect of Football Banning Orders.

Ben had notable success in convincing a District Judge, who had previously indicated in Court that he was likely to impose a Football Banning Order, that the offence was not “Football related” based upon case law and therefore no Football Banning Order was involved.

For more information about Ben see here.

Caine Ward – Senior Crown Court Clerk

Football law specialist Caine Ward

A knowledgeable and experienced Crown Court Clerk, Caine has been in and around Football since his teenage years. This has led to Caine following Football at home and abroad resulting in him developing a number of Football contacts both nationally and internationally.

Caine has a particularly strong relationship with German football fans who are often provided with his details when they travel to England in case they get arrested or spoken to by the Police to ensure they receive trusted and expert legal advice.

For more information on Caine see here.

Recent cases

In this case Chesterfield crime solicitor Ben Strelley persuaded a District Judge to revisit his initial view of the CCTV in the case and argued against the imposition of a football banning order.

Solicitor advocate Graham Heathcote successfully appealed the imposition of a football banning order by Nottingham Youth Court here.

Chesterfield solicitor advocate Kevin Tomlinson led our team that secured suspended sentences for a serious incident of violence but no football banning orders in this case.

Immediate prison sentences were avoided for our clients who were sentenced for a football offence in breach of a suspended sentence and for serious football related disorder.

A football banning order was avoided for a client guilty of a public order offence on a train home from a match.

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