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Kevin Tomlinson

Kevin Tomlinson

chesterfield criminal defence solicitor kevin tomlinson
Chesterfield crime solicitor Kevin Tomlinson

Kevin has been a qualified solicitor for 30 years, a Duty Solicitor for 20 years and a Higher Courts Advocate for 10.

During that period he specialised in both criminal and family law, and has been a member of the Child Care Panel for 20 years.

Kevin is what many people would consider a great solicitor to be – hard working, meticulous and professional, all backed up with a detailed understanding of the ever changing law and the criminal procedure rules that complement this legal framework.

Clients are always pleased to deal with him. His advice is always simple to understand and delivered with a personal touch, be that in the police station, Magistrates’ or Crown Courts. This is highlighted not only by the plentiful requests for his assistance in local Courts but also the numerous referrals he receives from across the country in respect of Animal Welfare cases. Kevin receives an exceptional number of word of mouth referrals from those regularly involved in the Criminal Justice System following previous court successes. This is clearly helped by Kevin’s willingness to go that extra mile and not back down when faced with any legal argument or evidential argument in Court.

Kevin has many strengths following his lengthy career in Criminal Defence and Family law but is widely known for always putting the client first. He ensures that every case he is involved with is fully prepared and he is known for finding compelling information from legal or evidential research to assist during both bail applications and trials.


Chesterfield Office:
5 Beetwell Street
S40 1SH

Tel: 01246 387999
Email: kevin.tomlinson@vhsfletchers.co.uk

R v L Sexual Assault. The client was a 13 year old boy of good character facing a charge of sexual assault on an 11 year old girl. The case involved cross-examination of two vulnerable witnesses via the video link, after which the client was acquitted.

R v P Youth. The client was acquitted of murder at Crown Court trial. Conviction for manslaughter subsequently overturned in the Court of Appeal.

R v S Animal Rights. Activists were acquitted of public order charges during protest march and rally, opposing Oxford University’s construction of a laboratory to conduct experiments on animals following a 15 day trial in the Magistrates court.

R v D Animal Rights. An animal rights campaigner was charged with murder. Following a successful application for bail there was then a successful application to dismiss the murder charge. Ultimately the client was acquitted at trial of manslaughter.

R v B Football Disorder. The client was acquitted of public order charges arising from a disorder at a football match after a 3 day trial in the Magistrates Court.

R v M Youth. The client was charged with 2 counts of causing death by dangerous driving but avoided a custodial sentence.

R v S Road Traffic. A young adult client was charged with a count of causing death by dangerous driving and a separate count of causing serious injury by dangerous driving. Successful argument was raised for a reduction in the charges to driving without due care and a custodial sentence was avoided.

R v J.  Breach Restraining Order.  Trial success for Chesterfield client in custody alleged to have breached a restraining order.  Read more here

R v P. Dangerous driving Successful negotiation of lesser charge for Chesterfield client facing allegation of dangerous driving. Preparation include site visit and expert instruction.  Read more here

R v B.  Exceptional Hardship.  Successful exceptional hardship argument on behalf of a Chesterfield client to avoid a minimum 6 month driving ban. Read more here

R v M.  Speeding.  Discretionary disqualification avoided for Chesterfield client driving far in excess of the speed limit.  Local knowledge of the road assisted greatly.  Read more here.

R v S.  Suspended Sentence Order. Court persuaded to give a Chesterfield client a further opportunity despite offending during the currency of the order.  Read more here.

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