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Ruth Campbell

Ruth Campbell

chesterfield legal aid lawyer Ruth Campbell
Chesterfield Crown Court litigator Ruth Campbell

Ruth has been undertaking Crown Court litigation work since 2004 and as a result brings a wealth of experience to every case.

She recognises that in dealing with Crown Court cases you will be dealing with the most serious offences, often in relation to clients who have never been in trouble before. As a result, Ruth knows that whether advising people on the evidence and guilty pleas or fully preparing cases for trial, client contact is vital.

It will be obvious from all who meet her that Ruth cares about each individual case and client. Her work ethic means that she will set aside as much time as the case needs, be it in the office, on the telephone, or at court. It is important to Ruth that client are happy that they have received the best possible service from her and the firm, whatever the outcome of the case.

All clients are treated equally and consistently well, whether longstanding clients bringing repeat offending to the firm, or first time offenders who have made a mistake and will not return.


Chesterfield Office:
5 Beetwell Street
S40 1SH

Tel: 01246 387999
Email: ruth.campbell@vhsfletchers.co.uk

R v C Sexual Offences. A Crown Court trial involving allegations of sexual assault on a 10 year old. The client was acquitted in all of 20 minutes.

R v B Pervert the Course of Justice. The client, who suffered from severe anxiety and depression, was said to have made a malicious complaint of assault. The police investigation of all aspects of the case had been far from satisfactory and eventually the prosecution were persuaded to drop the allegation.

R v S Sexual Assault. Acquittal following a second re-trial in relation to a sexual assault, the key evidence being the client’s DNA.

R v M Child Neglect. The client was a mother charged with abandoning her new born baby leaving him in a bag by garages as soon as she had given birth. Early preparation demonstrated that the client was not in a fit mental state to discharge her duties as a mother, and in due course the Crown were persuaded to discontinue the case.

R v P Class A drugs offences. Derby Crown Court. Successful challenge to the expertise of a police ‘expert’ witness leads to not guilty verdict for possession with intent to supply charge.  More detail here.

R v B Derby Crown Court.  Successfully argued for a non-custodial sentence leading to positive client feedback.  More detail here

R v M Nottingham Crown Court.  Not guilty verdict in ‘paedophile hunter’ case following failures in disclosure.  More detail here.

R v C Nottingham Crown Court.   Allegation of burglary of ex-partner’s property.  Facebook messages obtained and passed to prosecution that undermined the case.  Within 48 hours the Crown had dropped the case and client released from custody.

R v W and P Derby Crown Court. Hung jury in charges of sexual assault following a three week trial.  Not guilty verdicts following prosecution decision not to seek a re-trial.  In-house advocate William Bennett instructed.

R v R Nottingham Crown Court.  Not guilty verdicts after trial for allegations of sexual assault and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.  In-house advocate Andrew Wesley instructed.

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