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Steve Gosnell

Steve Gosnell

Mr Gosnell was called to the Bar in 1995 and is a member of Gray’s Inn. He was educated at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth; the University of York; the University of Westminster and The Inns of Court School of Law.

A specialist defence practitioner with over 20 years of Crown Court experience, Steve is regarded by his fellow barristers as a forceful advocate with the rare ability to hold a jury’s attention in his hand when he delivers his often case defining closing address.

Due to his significant prowess as a jury advocate, Mr Gosnell is consistently asked to represent those accused with the most serious of criminal offences. He has, in the latter part of his professional life, focused on defending those accused of committing murder, attempted murder, manslaughter, serious allegations of violence and drug trafficking offences.

Through his employment with VHS Fletchers, Mr Gosnell has developed a specialist practice dealing with cases that concern allegations of sexual offending, in particular those that involve the alleged abuse of children.

Mr Gosnell demonstrates to clients an encyclopaedic knowledge of their often complex cases, a testament to the amount of preparation that he puts into any case, and aside from being driven by a desire to do his best on behalf of his clients he also has a hunger for winning!


Nottingham Office:
111 Carrington Street,

Tel: 0115 9599550
Email: steven.gosnell@vhsfletchers.co.uk

R v V [2016] Following written argument before the Court the prosecution were persuaded to offer no evidence and a verdict of not guilty was returned in relation to an allegation of Gross Negligence Manslaughter by Omission. The client had failed to seek medical attention for an associate who had overdosed on a Class A drug.

R v R [2015] The client was acquitted of sexual assault following a malicious allegation made in the workplace.

R v B [2015] An acquittal was secured for the client following a series of false allegations of a serious sexual nature advanced by a step-daughter.

R v B [2015] The client was found not guilty when the jury found unanimously that the client may have acted lawfully when she plunged a kitchen knife into her partner’s neck.

R v S [2014] The client faced trial charged with orchestrating the execution of a fellow drug dealer. He was acquitted after trial by a unanimous jury verdict.

R v A [2016] The client faced trial for three allegations of sexual touching.  Disclosure and skilful advocacy were key to the three not guilty verdicts after trial.

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