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School Admission Appeals – Part B

school admission appeal
County Hall

We have previously published some matters you might wish to consider relating to Part A of a second school admission appeal arising out of the decision to change the Nottinghamshire admissions criteria relating to 2016/17 admissions.

Issues relevant to your school admission appeal

This additional guidance relates to Part B of this appeal and hopes to assist with the issues that you may wish to consider.  When the appeal was originally drafted you will have had a good idea of difficulties that would have been caused for your child if they did not receive a place in their school of choice.  You now have the experience of whether those problems have come to pass in the past 6 months, and whether any additional issues have arisen.

The following issues might be relevant to your amended Part B.

  • Why did you originally appeal?
  • What are your family circumstances that made an appeal for your child necessary?
  • How have circumstances changed over the last 6 months?  For better or worse?
  • Is the current school allowing your child to reach their full potential?  If not, what are the problems?
  • Is there a lengthy ‘commute’ that leaves your child constantly tired?  Can anyone independent confirm that?
  • Is your child missing out on after school clubs due to siblings being at different sites?

Remember the prejudice to your child is key

Remember that this part of the appeal is about any prejudice that your child is suffering, rather than inconvenience or difficulties for you as a parent.  It may be, however, that such difficulties do impact on your child as well.

As a result, there may be some of the following issues that could be focused on, although you may have other difficulties.

  • loss of a shared school experience for your siblings
  • a child feeling that the authority decision was ‘their fault’
  • one or more siblings missing out on after school care
  •  a child missing siblings or friends as a result of the school awarded becoming emotional
  • stress for the child as a result of complicated and stressful morning arrangements
  • the child suffering financially as a result of lost hours by a parent at work to accommodate separate school runs, or due to the additional cost of child care
  • is one child receiving a better education than a sibling?

The local authority response

Finally, you will need to remember that the local authority has an opportunity to respond to your appeal.  One area that it might concentrate on is the potential for upheaval should they move schools at this stage of the academic year.

You will need to be in a position to argue that the prejudice in them remaining at their current school far outweighs the benefits of a move, particularly as the move would be at a very early stage of their academic careers.

Contact us about your school admission appeal

If you are affected by these issues surrounding Nottinghamshire school admissions and need advice  as to how best to prepare for your second appeal for the year 2016/17 then please contact us by email here. or telephone Andrew Wesley on 0115 9599550 to discuss steps that you can take and what we can do to help with this complicated area of education law.

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