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Positive Feedback for School Admissions Advice from Clare Roberts

Although VHS Fletchers only began to offer advice and representation in education law matters in 2017, we have already been able to make a significant difference to the quality of life of those families who have received initial free advice or who chose to instruct us to either write the appeal documentation or represent them before the appeal panel.

We are pleased to set out some of the feedback received for advice and assistance provided by Education solicitor Clare Roberts.

education law solicitor clare roberts

Initial Free Advice

One parent to whom Clare Roberts provided initial free advice was kind enough to provide us with the following feedback:

“I just want to thank you so much for the advice you gave me over the phone and yesterday my son was offered a space at the same school as his sister after going through the appeal.  Your advice and you saying to try and get evidence for everything I stated in my appeal was what kept me positive and made me think I can do this.”

education law solicitor nottingham clare roberts

Second Appeals

Some parents in Nottinghamshire were forced to undertake second school admission appeals because the local authority had adopted admission criteria that were deemed unfair by the Office of the Schools Adjudicator.

Clare Roberts was active in providing assistance last year to parents who faced this particular problem, and we were able to help once more at the second appeals.

One parents was prompted to write:

“I cannot express how happy I am this morning having done the silly dual school journey for the very last time.  What a wait, but the end result is what we wanted!”

Another took the time to say:

“We had our appeal this week and I also wanted to thank Clare Roberts for her support – it made so much difference.”

“The result really does make quite a difference to our lives certainly for the next few years.”

Success in school admissions appeals

east midlands education law solicitor clare robertsOther parents encountered this problem for the first time when applying for places at schools due to commence in September 2018.  One parent who successfully received a place on appeal wrote:

“The relief is just immense, thank you both for all your help – Clare for all your hard work and knowledge putting together our statement, and Andrew for your calming and professional presence and presentation on the day.”

School admission appeals avoided

Some cases can be resolved without the need for an appeal.  In one case, Clare submitted a statement in support of appeal.  This highlighted the fact that there had been an error in the way the admissions criteria had been applied.  As a result, despite a breach of the Infant Class Size, the school offered a place in reception without the need for a full appeal.

This parent responded:

“Thanks so much you are a genius, I could never have done that.  I realise that its taken up considerable time and effort.  It certainly would have been a different story without your help.”

Clare drafted an appeal in another case that resulted in the admissions authority simply granting a place rather than contesting an appeal.  This parent reported:

“We are so relieved and happy that we do not have to go to appeal for her.  Thank you for letting me know so quickly.”

education law solicitor clare roberts

Contact Clare Roberts for Education Law Advice and Representation

We are about to embark on an extremely busy period following the announcement of the secondary school offers, which will be closely followed by the primary school admissions decisions.

Please contact Clare for initial advice on these issues.

We also offer additional services.  It may be that you require help with an in year application for a school place.  This might be because you have moved to the local area or that your circumstances have changed.  We can provide advice as to the best approach to take.

school admission appeal nottingham
Education law solicitor Clare Roberts

We can provide education law advice from all of our six offices throughout the East Midlands. Please contact Education Law Solicitor Clare Roberts on 0115 9599550 or use the contact form below.


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