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Chesterfield Crime Solicitor success on behalf of clients

chesterfield crime solicitor serena simpson
Chesterfield Crime Solicitor Serena Simpson

Although only qualified as a solicitor for a year, and more recently qualified as a duty solicitor, Chesterfield crime solicitor Serena Simpson already has secured a number of outstanding results for her clients.

Some examples of recent successful cases are below:

R v B

Our client  had a long history of drug related burglaries over a number of years.  He was before the court for two admitted commercial burglaries and a theft described as a ‘spree’ by the sentencing judge.

Despite this, Serena was able to persuade the District Judge at Chesterfield Magistrates’ Court to impose a suspended sentence.  The intention was to give her a ‘last chance’ to rehabilitate in the community

R v T

In this case our client disputed that he was responsible for causing criminal damage.  The cross-examination of the prosecution witness showed that there were obvious inconsistencies between her accounts.

In the end, the witness admitted that she had lied in her police statement and a not guilty verdict followed.

The case of H

chesterfield crime solicitor VHS Fletchers
Chesterfield Police Station

As well as providing representation to clients at court, Serena also provides advice and representation to clients who are under suspicion of having committed an offence.

This case involved a long and drawn out police investigation.  Our client was a school teacher who was accused of a string of sexual offences by her daughter. These were denied and in the end no formal statement was provided by the alleged victim.

After plenty of argument and correspondence with the police, it was agreed that there was no evidence to support a conviction and the case was taken no further.

R v R

Chesterfield crime solicitor legal aid VHS Fletchers
Chesterfield Magistrates’ Court

Our client pleaded guilty to outraging public decency.  The offence does not feature in the Magistrates’ sentencing guidelines.  It is, however, a case that can be dealt with in either the Magistrates Court or the Crown Court.

Serena researched sentencing cases similar to the one that her client faced.  The Magistrates’ accepted jurisdiction and imposed a low level community order.

This result was secured as a result of Serena’s hard work and careful mitigation.

Thank you note for Serena

R v M

Our client faced trial for criminal damage.  Her defence was that it was a malicious complaint by her ex-partner and his new girlfriend.  Serena successfully applied for the complainant’s bad character to be before the Magistrates.  This related to previous incidents of domestic violence directed towards our client.

Under careful cross-examination the complainant was unable to give a consistent account.  His girlfriend gave a completely different account.   These inconsistencies in combination with clear evidence from our client meant that the District Judge did not require a closing from Serena.

The not guilty verdict followed.

Instruct a Chesterfield crime solicitor

Whether you face questions from the police or proceedings before the Magistrates’ or Crown Court you will want to instruct an expert criminal lawyer to fight your case on your behalf.

chesterfield criminal legal aid solicitor VHS FletchersWe offer free 24 hour emergency advice and representation in police interview under the legal aid scheme.

We will also provide you with advice on your entitlement to legal aid to ensure representation at court.  Alternatively, we aim to provide you with a fee estimate that will make sure that your representation is affordable.

Please contact one of our solicitors on 01246 283000 or use the enquiry from below if you wish to discuss a case or instruct us to represent you.




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