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Congratulations on Qualification

VHS Fletchers are delighted to confirm that Serena Simpson qualified as a criminal solicitor at Chesterfield on 1 November 2016.  This followed the successful completion of her Training Contract with the firm.

New Criminal Solicitor

Serena will be based at our Chesterfield office representing clients in all aspects of their cases – police stations advice, magistrates’ court representation and crown court litigation.

Serena joined us in April 2015 after we took on the staff and case load of the criminal department serena-simpson-chesterfield-criminal-solicitorof Banner Jones Solicitors. It was soon clear that Serena has a passion for criminal work and we made good on our promise of a training contract.

Over the last 18 months Serena has demonstrated this passion and diligence while working with us.

Police Station Accredited

She quickly attaining accreditation to be allowed to represent clients at the police station for the full range of offence.  She can also advise clients whether they come to the firm due to a specific request for our advice or through the duty solicitor scheme.

Serena now regularly advises those detained at Chesterfield Police Station, representing clients in a variety of matters from more simple driving matters to complicated and serious sexual assaults, including rape.

Putting Clients at Ease

Serena’s bright and friendly outlook will put clients at ease in the stressful and often alien environment of the police station. Serena builds on her quiet but effective manner by being available to deal with any queries or problems and provide reassurance post interview.

Crown Court Litigator

At the same time Serena has also been undertaking litigation on Crown Court cases.  This role has required Serena to work alongside  in-house barristers and solicitor advocates preparing some of the most serious matters to be heard by a jury.  She has been keen to attend court in support of the advocate and client, and has gained significant experience in the effective preparation and presentation of cases.

As part of her route to qualification as a criminal solicitor Serena has attended additional courses relating to the preparation and presentation of cases before the Magistrates’ Court.

Magistrates’ Court Training

We believe that training and development are extremely important and additionally she has had the opportunity of working alongside and shadowing our experienced Magistrates’ advocates David Gittins, Kevin Tomlinson and Ben Strelley.  This has involved the preparation of cases involving assessing evidence, identifying issues, taking instructions, speaking with witnesses and preparing cases for contested hearings.

You can be confident in instructing Serena that despite recently qualifying Serena already has substantial experience in her chosen field of criminal law.  This experienced is back by her organisation and intention to do the best for her clients.

Chesterfield Criminal Solicitor
Chesterfield Magistrates’ Court

Although some may say it is beginner’s luck, we would argue that the fact that her very first piece of advocacy before the court resulted in a prosecution discontinuance was due to her analysis of the evidence and her representations to the Crown.

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