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Derby Crown Court Representation

Clients of VHS Fletchers facing charges at Derby Crown Court have the benefit of being able to meet with their litigator and advocate at three offices across the county:

  • Derby
  • Chesterfield, and
  • Ilkeston

This means that you can make appointments at an office close to you.  There will always be a lawyer at hand to deal with any urgent matters that arise during the course of your case.

Preparation for Crown Court cases will be undertaken by experienced Crown Court litigators – Ruth Campbell, Sheila Oakes and Siobhan McGuinness.

Each has the experience necessary to deal with serious or sensitive cases.  This can mean preparing mitigation for a guilty plea.  All three are able to draw the best references from character witnesses.  They know when to seek medical evidence that may mitigate sentence. Further, they will be able to advise about other steps their clients can take to put their case in the best light.

Alternatively, they will take the steps necessary to fight your case at trial.  This will mean listening carefully to your instructions.  You will give your account on each aspect of the prosecution case.  They will then help identify whether witnesses are required in support.

These may be alibi witnesses if you were elsewhere.  They could be eye-witnesses in support of your account.  They might be expert witnesses who will challenge prosecution evidence.  This might relate to injuries, finger print evidence, injuries or complex mobile phone evidence.

Between them they have experience of dealing with murder, serious sexual offences, allegations of serious public disorder and neglect of children including fatalities.  As a result, you can be confident that from the start they will help to identify, and then pursue, all relevant enquiries in your case.

VHS Fletchers has the benefit of experienced in-house counsel and suitably qualified solicitor advocates.  We will also draw on counsel from the independent bar where you or the case requires it.

William Bennett is the solicitor advocate who works full time from the Derby office.  He will travel to meet with you at our other offices as required.  William has been qualified for over 20 years, and obtained his Higher Rights qualification in 2010.

Since moving to VHS Fletchers solicitors he has specialised in the representation of clients before the Crown Court and Court of Appeal.  He has represented clients facing very serious allegations of violence, public disorder and sexual offences,

Although based at the Nottingham office, counsel Steven Gosnell will also represent you before Derby Crown Court.  A quick examination of his experience will show you that you are in safe hands, whether you face allegations of serious fraud, the most serious sexual offences or the most serious violence including fatalities.  Again, Steven will see you at whichever office is easiest for you to ensure that you receive all the advice and assistance necessary in your case.

Most clients appearing before the Derby Crown Court will receive the benefit of legal aid, with or without contributions from their income or capital. Further information can be found here.

If you wish to discuss a case or your future representation then please make an appointment at your nearest office with Ruth, Siobhan or Sheila.  Alternatively email VHS Fletchers here.

Derby Crown Court

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