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Duty Solicitor Qualifies for Chesterfield Office

Chesterfield Crime Solicitor Serena Simpson has received confirmation that she has passed both her written portfolio and ‘live’ assessment to secure her duty solicitor Magistrates’ Court Qualification.  She has previously passed her Police Station Accreditation.

chesterfield criminal solicitor
Chesterfield Duty Solicitor Serena Simpson

The assessments cover all types of criminal law work.  The portfolio was used to demonstrate the level and range of Serena’s experience of conducting cases in the Magistrates’ Court, and included detailed summaries demonstrating Serena’s competence.

The live assessment includes a simulated client interview and appearance in a Magistrates’ Court.  In the latter, Serena was expected to make representations and submissions appropriate to the particular cases.

In passing the portfolio and test Serena has demonstrated that she has a high level of knowledge, skills, experience and practice in the area of criminal litigation.  Its shows her detailed knowledge of matters such as:

  • the definition of offences
  • appropriate defences
  • role of parents or appropriate adults
  • commencement of criminal proceedings
  • bail
  • plea before venue, allocation and sending of cases
  • sentencing.

This means that she will be able to represent clients who have not requested a particular solicitor but who nevertheless require legal representation.  In that case, they are appointed the duty solicitor at the police station, or are represented by the solicitor at court.

Chesterfield Duty Solicitor Rota

chesterfield crime solicitor duty solicitor
Duty Solicitor Accreditation

Serena will be able to take her place on the Chesterfield police station and court duty rota from 1 July along with four of her colleagues.  If you wish to instruct Serena or VHS Fletchers the way to make sure that you are able to instruct her is to ask for us when you are arrested, rather than for the duty solicitor.

Contact a Chesterfield Crime Solicitor

Serena can be contacted by telephone on 01246 283000.  We will be able to provide advice on procedure, evidence and funding, before representing you at the police station and court.

Alternatively you can use the contact form below.


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