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Good Character on Trial – Not Guilty Verdict

good character trial nottingham crime solicitor
Nottingham criminal defence solicitor Graham Heatchcote

Nottingham crime solicitor Graham Heathcote recently dealt with a trial arising out of a near accident involving a van for a client of good character.

It may have been surprising that two people of good character moving towards retirement should end up having to give evidence to a court about such a matter, but sometimes these things can allegedly get out of hand.

The complainant in the case maintained that when he had parked his van Graham’s client had approached him, claiming he had nearly been hit by the van.  He was said to have used abusive behaviour.  It was then alleged that Graham’s client had punched the complainant hard, causing his wife to step in and separate the two of them.

Although the complainant only alleged a single punch, his wife maintained that there had been not one but eight punches.

Free legal advice in police interview

Graham’s client had taken advantage of the free legal aid available to him to ensure advice and representation during interview.  This was available even though he was not under arrest.

He answered questions in interview, claiming that he had nearly been knocked down by the van.  Although words were exchanged no punched were thrown.

good character trial criminal defence lawyer
Nottingham Magistrates’ Court

All of the witnesses attended trial.  Both the complainant and his wife give evidence.  Their accounts were significantly different however, and these discrepancies were highlighted by Graham’s expert cross-examination.

In evidence Graham’s client repeated the account he gave in interview.  He maintained that while in the services he had received an injury that even years later meant that he was unable to deliver a blow with any force.

Not Guilty – Client keeps good character

Having heard all of the evidence and Graham’s submissions the Magistrates’ found his client not guilty.  As a result he kept his good character.  Although he was not entitled to legal aid for representation, Graham was able to ask for the return of a significant portion of his agreed affordable fixed-fee costs by way of a Defendant’s Costs Order.

Contact a Nottingham criminal solicitor

Although the facts of the case are perhaps not overly remarkable, the way the trial proceeded and the fact of the not guilty verdict demonstrates the value of solid expert representation by an experienced criminal defence lawyer where reputation is on the line.

It also shows the benefits of securing the services of a solicitor who will represent you for an affordable fee or criminal legal aid to ensure that you have representation to ensure you secure the best possible outcome in court.

If you are being investigated by the police or face court proceedings then Nottingham criminal defence lawyer Graham Heathcote can be contacted on 0115 9599550 or email him here.

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