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Newark Police Station – Sergeant persuaded to caution

Newark crime solicitor Ian Carter recently represented a client on relatively minor matter at Newark police station.

Although the arrest was for a low value shop lifting, Ian’s client had previous cautions for theft.  She had also previously been convicted and sentenced at court.

As a result, the police would usually make the decision that such a client should be charged and put before Nottingham Magistrates’ Court.

Representations avoid court proceedings

As Ian’s client had chosen to have a solicitor in the police station, Ian was able to speak with the sergeant at Newark police station who was to make the decision.  He was able to persuade the officer that although his client had a record, the convictions were limited.  His client had been out of trouble for eight months.  All of the previous offending had been when she was a youth.  This was her first offence as an adult.

The sergeant was persuaded that he could take a lenient view on this occasion.  He agreed to give her a first adult caution.  As her previous conviction was now spent, she would not have a record that would necessarily hold her back in her search for employment.

Free Police Station Representation

VHS Fletchers hold a contract with the government to provide advice and representation in the police station.  The advice is not dependent on your earnings.  The advice is therefore free of charge to everyone under the police station legal aid scheme.  It will not cost you anything to instruct a solicitor to help you secure a favourable outcome if interviewed by the police.

Contact a Newark Criminal Solicitor for Newark Police Station

If you are being investigated by the police or face court proceedings then please contact Newark criminal defence lawyer Ian Carter on  or email him here.  If you face police investigation or criminal proceedings elsewhere then you can find your local office here.

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