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No disqualification means client not driving whilst disqualified!

Nottingham crime solicitor Stacey Mighty ensured that her client’s concerns about his prosecution were followed up.  The result was that the charge of driving whilst disqualified was withdrawn.

Driving whilst disqualified

Stacey’s client faced an allegation of driving whilst disqualified.  This was said to have been during the currency of a driving disqualification until an extended re-test was passed.  He denied ever having been the subject of such a disqualification.

The disclosure received from the prosecution did not give a date for when the disqualification had been imposed.  The more detailed print out from the DVLA failed to shed any more light on the situation.

No driving ban

The only conviction that could have led to such an order being made was in 2015 where it appeared that our client had received a simple 6 month fixed term disqualification.

Stacey recognised that her client’s time was precious to him.  She could have asked for the case to be adjourned to another day.  Instead Stacey ensured that the original court file for that date was brought into court.  This confirmed that there had been a driving disqualification without an requirement for an extended re-test.

As a result, the prosecution withdrew the allegation of driving whilst disqualified at this first hearing.

Contact a criminal law specialist

not guilty of driving whilst disqualified
Derby duty solicitor Stacey Mighty

Police, court and prosecution records might be wrong.  The prosecution might not be able to prove an essential element of an offence.  As a result, you will wish to take early advice from a criminal law specialist such as Stacey in order to ensure that your case is properly prepared and presented.

Please call Derby criminal solicitor Stacey Mighty on 01332 546818 to discuss your case.  Alternatively use the enquiry form below.


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