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Nottingham Crime Solicitor Trial Success

Nottingham crime solicitor Alex Chapman represented a client at trial this month before Nottingham Magistrates’ Court.  Owing to the number of witnesses giving evidence the case took a whole day.

Nottingham crime solicitor trial
Nottingham Magistrates’ Court

Alex’s client was of good character and had never had to go to Court before this matter.  A first conviction could have a lasting effect on the defendant.

He was said to have assaulted his aunt. This was against the background of a family dispute. Alex’s client had gone to his aunt’s address to collect his brother.  A verbal argument started and his client was alleged to have physically assaulted his aunt.

The Court heard evidence from several witnesses about what took place.  Alex cross-examined the complainant and her partner and highlighted inconsistencies between their accounts, along with exaggerations that they had both made about her injuries.  Aside from putting his client’s case, Alex’s aim was to raise doubts as to whether the evidence could be relied upon.

Alex’s client chose to give evidence which can be a nerve-wracking experience.  Fortunately, Alex was able to assist through his questioning of his client.  These questions guided his client through his explanation to the court.  He maintained that he had done nothing wrong.  Instead, he had been forced to defend himself when his aunt began to attack him.

Nottingham crime solicitor
Inside Nottingham Magistrates’ Court

Our client’s mother had also given a statement in support of her son.  She followed that up by giving evidence on his behalf before the Magistrates.

Evidence in support of our client’s good character was also put before the court.  This was important as it was evidence tending to suggest that he would be telling the truth about this incident and less likely that he would be an aggressor.

At the conclusion of the case Alex had the opportunity of addressing the Magistrates on his client’s behalf.  He was able to highlight those aspects of the evidence that might mean they could not be sure of his guilt.

After careful consideration the Magistrates found Alex’s client ‘not guilty’ of the charge. He kept his good character. He had the benefit of legal aid so our advice and representation was free of charge to him.

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