Education Supervision Orders

An Education Supervision Order must be considered by the Local Authority before any criminal prosecution is commenced.

An application for such an order is made to the family court. As part of any criminal proceedings the Magistrates also have a power to direct that the order is applied for either before or after conviction.

While an Education Supervision Order is in place the parent is no longer under a duty to secure the regular school attendance of their child.

The court will make the order where satisfied that a child of compulsory school age is not being properly educated. The order lasts for one year and an education welfare officer or education social worker will assist both the child and person with parental responsibility.

The appointed officer will also give directions to ensure the proper education of the child. These directions may be given to the child as well as a parent. If a parent persistently fails to comply with a direction then they can be the subject of a criminal prosecution that can lead to a fine being imposed.

A single extension of up to three years made be ordered by the court. More than one order can be made in relation to the child.

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