Transferring a current Statement of Special Education Needs to an EHCP

This process is called a transfer review. It is expected that by 31st March 2018, all current Statements of SEN will be transferred into EHCP’s. The Local Authority will contact parents/ guardians giving them 2 weeks’ notice that they are about to commence the transfer review. The next step for the local authority involves them completing an EHC needs assessment. Until this is completed, the Statement of SEN remains in place and is enforceable.

Whilst the Department of Education stresses that it does not expect the local authority to refuse to make an EHCP for a pupil who already has a Statement of SEN, it is possible, following transfer review for a local authority to refuse to make an EHCP if they believe a child no longer needs a special educational provision above and beyond what is available at a mainstream school.

If you have any concerns about the transfer review process, please contact us for advice.

Please contact Clare Roberts on 0115 9599550 to discuss a transfer of a Statement of Special Educational Needs to an EHCP. Alternatively please use the form below.

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