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Parole Granted at First Request

Irene Tolley, Head of Prison Law Department, recently represented a client who wished to apply for parole.  He was serving a sentence made up as follows:

  • Attempt murder police office with firearm – 15 year sentence
  • Robbery – 7 years consecutive
  • Robbery – 7 years concurrent

This total sentence of twenty two years meant that Irene’s client remained a Category A prisoner throughout his sentence and had therefore been detained for thirteen years at high security establishments.

prison law solicitors vhs fletchers paroleIrene’s first involvement in his case was to make representations to his Category A status.  Her submissions in relation to this were immediately successful and he was downgraded to Category B in July.

His first parole hearing was heard a less than a month later.  Irene submitted an application for release on her client’s behalf.  Again, these representations were successful and Irene’s client has his release directed in October.

Such a decision was almost unprecedented.  Irene’s client had not spent any time in lower security prisons and had not completed any releases on temporary licence which would have helped assess suitability for release.

Client Doing Very Well

Irene has had contact with one of the Parole Board members since the decision was made.  Irene is pleased to be able to report that her client is doing very well.  He is in regular touch to update her on what he is up to – he has a job, works with both a High Court Judge and a professor in criminology at Cambridge, and travels the country giving presentations about his experiences.

Contact Irene about Parole

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Our Prison Law Services

If you or a family member need advice about parole or any other prison law matter then please contact Irene Tolley by telephone on 0115 9599550 or email her here.

She will be able to advise you as to whether legal aid funding remains available or whether you will need to take advantage of our affordable fixed fees.


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