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Derek Brown

Derek Brown

Nottingham crime solicitor Derek Brown

Derek is a true criminal law specialist. He is a Duty Solicitor, and has substantial experience in all areas of criminal law. He advises clients from all walks of life, providing representation in the police station, Youth and Magistrates’ Courts.

Those that work with him know that that although he is extremely hard working he manages to combine this with a relaxed approach that, along with his ability to provide practical advice and sensible solutions, puts his clients at ease. Derek believes that these are all important qualities, recognising that police investigations and court proceedings can be very difficult experiences for those involved.

His strong work ethic and easy manner proves popular with clients, and as a result he has a tremendous client following, with clients not hesitating to seek his services again or refer friends or family to him if they are in legal difficulties.

Derek has provided advice in very serious cases that have made both local and national headlines. These include large scale drug conspiracies, murder, armed robberies and other serious firearms offences such as drive-by shootings. He is a firm believer that advice provided at the police station is of great importance to a case as a whole, and will help direct police investigations and the progress of any court case. As a result, Derek is committed to providing advice to clients 24/7.


Nottingham Office:
111 Carrington Street,

Tel: 0115 9599550
Email: derek.brown@vhsfletchers.co.uk

R v J Terrorism. The client was a foreign national arrested on suspicion of terrorism. Successful representations were made that the consultation booth did not comply with the Codes of Practice in terms of confidentiality. The client was eventually refused charge.

R v B Bad Character Evidence. The client was a man with a substantial criminal record in excess of 100 offences of dishonesty. Despite the evidence being admitted, the client was acquitted of a further offence of dishonesty.

R v C Drug Supply. Advice given at the police station and subsequent successful bail application made for a client said to be involved in drug supply with a value of £100 000. Argument accepted that the true value of the amphetamine was only £1300.

R v D Public Disorder. Represented a client said to have taken part in citywide disorder during the summer of 2012. Despite evidence placing the client at the scene successful representations were made that he could not be implicated in the disorder and no further action was taken.

R v G Road Traffic Offence. Successful argument against a totting disqualification allowed the hard-working client to keep both of his jobs.

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