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Lisa Sawyer

Lisa Sawyer

VHS Fletchers Lisa Sawyer crown court
Crown Court Litigator Lisa Sawyer

Lisa has been preparing and litigating Crown Court cases for over 25 years. She holds the PSQ permitting her to represent clients in the police station who have requested the Duty Solicitor.

She specialises in Crown Court casework, and has experience of dealing with the full range of cases involving fraud, murder, immigration offences, serious sexual offences many of an historic nature, drug conspiracies, money laundering and major public order incidents. Lisa also has significant experience of confiscation proceedings.

Lisa’s years of experience gives her an encyclopaedic knowledge of how best to progress Crown Court matters. She is calm and confident in her dealings with all cases, which clients no doubt benefit from, and she recognises that all cases of whatever type are serious to the client. Her thorough approach always means that clients know she has gone the extra mile in their case, whether that be locating witnesses or poring over complex telephone data schedules. Whether it is a case being prepared for an in-house advocate or independent counsel, they can be confident that Lisa will work independently and present them with the client’s best case.

Her personable manner means that she is patient and sympathetic, and it is perhaps for that reason that she is identified as the appropriate litigator for those suffering from mental health difficulties. She aims to treat all clients with dignity and respect.

Details of a recent unusual case that LIsa has dealt with can be found here.


Nottingham Office:
111 Carrington Street,

Tel: 0115 9599550
Email: lisa.sawyer@vhsfletchers.co.uk

R v B False Imprisonment. Client’s medication had been improperly supervised and as a result he had a recurrence of mental health issues. Despite doctors maintaining he was fit to stand trial, they were eventually persuaded that he was not due to Lisa’s knowledge of the client and he was transferred to hospital for treatment.

R v S Murder. Represented a client accused of involvement in contract killing due to money owed for a drug debt.

R v B Murder. Represented client at trial prosecuted for procuring a contract killing of partner’s ex-husband in a financial dispute.

R v R Explosives offence. Client was suffering from mental illness and had made an explosive device at home.

R v B Burglary. Client was charged with a string of burglaries, the bulk of the evidence coming from mobile phone data. A detailed analysis of the cell site material led to the defendant’s acquittal on the judge’s direction.

R v J Child neglect. Client faced allegations of joint neglect with the mother of his child who subsequently died.

R v F and others. Nottingham Riots. Represented one of 16 who took part in the riots in Nottingham in the summer of 2011, preparing the case for a complex trial lasting several weeks.

R v H. Firearms Offence. Client alleged to have produced a firearm in a bar in Nottingham following an earlier confrontation. He was aquitted after trial when the evidence of eye-witnesses was successfully challenged.

R v B.  Sexual offences.  Not guilty verdicts for this client before Nottingham Crown Court. Read more here.

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