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Martin Hadley

Martin Hadley

nottingham criminal solicitor
Nottingham Crime and Regulatory solicitor Martin Hadley

Martin Hadley was admitted as a solicitor in 1988, specialising in criminal defence work shortly thereafter. He has nearly 30 years’ experience representing individuals at police stations or before criminal courts.

This knowledge and experience gained over many years has equipped him well, enabling him to review cases from a balanced and independent view point. His clients receive the benefit of this unbiased advice, always given in their best interests.

Since 1999, Martin has used these abilities to specialise in representing healthcare professionals, including staff of a major pharmaceutical company as well as those self-employed. He provides advice on investigations by the police, statutory and regulatory bodies. He has advised many professionals at the police station, court, Coroner’s Inquests and disciplinary proceedings. He has undertaken the advocacy and presentation of cases before the General Pharmaceutical Counsel.

Martin has dealt with the full range of issues that will arise when representing professionals, including corporate manslaughter, fraud and regulatory breaches. As Martin is able to undertake his own advocacy he brings continuity that cannot be achieved by the use of external counsel.

His abilities were recognised in 1997 by the Legal Services Commission (now the Legal Aid Agency) when he was appointed to the Funding Review Committee where he sat as both Chair and member.

He currently serves as a member of the Criminal Sub-Committee of the Nottingham Law Society.


Nottingham Office:
111 Carrington Street,

Tel: 0115 9599550
Email: martin.hadley@vhsfletchers.co.uk

R v M Fraud. Client was a pharmacist accused of a fraud valued in excess of £80K. Unfortunately the Crown Prosecution Service failed to understand the technical processes of the client’s business and his ability to make a legitimate claim for costs. The client was acquitted after trial.

L. Gross Negligence Manslaughter. The clients were a pharmacist and his colleagues interviewed by the police, overseen by the Special Cases Unit of the Crown Prosecution Service, during a period of 5 days. Ultimately, no action was taken as we helped demonstrate that the pharmacy had robust systems in place and these systems were routinely used.

P. Inquest. Representing a pharmacist and her colleagues who were ‘interested parties’ at an inquest lasting 5 days. The Coroner in his conclusion highlighted shortcomings in the practices of others while making no criticism was made of our client’s practice.

R. Investigation. The client was a pharmacist being investigated by the General Pharmaceutical Council for failing to dispense medication requested on a prescription. Written representations were submitted denying wrong doing. Thereafter the Council closed its investigation into our client and took no action, instead giving advice to our client’s employer.

J . Fitness to Practice. Advocacy undertaken before the Fitness to Practice Committee of the General Pharmaceutical Council on behalf of a client accused of making various dispensing errors. It was alleged that due to the number and frequency of these errors he was not fit to practice. It was demonstrated, however, that the error rate was below the national average and the Committee found that the client was fit to practice and that his performance was ‘nearer to excellent than poor’. Unsurprisingly, no action was taken.

General Pharmaceutical Council v PSuccessful representations made on behalf of a pharmacist technician who had failed to disclose a police caution.  Further information can be found here.

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