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Melanie Hoffman

Melanie Hoffman

Mansfield Criminal Solicitor Melanie Hoffman
Mansfield Crime Solicitor Melanie Hoffman

Melanie trained as a solicitor specialising in family law and criminal defence. When she qualified in 2008 she focused solely on criminal law.

Since qualification Melanie has represented clients at each stage of their case from the police station through the Magistrates’ Court and onto the Crown Court. She also has extensive experience of dealing with connected matters such as confiscation proceedings under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Melanie has represented a range of clients from those with severe learning difficulties and mental health conditions, often securing dismissal of their cases by obtaining expert evidence, to servicemen, professionals and business owners.

She now focuses on representing clients in the police station and Magistrates Court, dealing with a wide range of cases from driving offences where she helps clients to retain their licences and therefore their livelihoods, through to serious assaults and complex frauds. Additionally, Melanie has extensive experience in conducting trials in the Magistrates’ Court in relation to all types of offences specialising in the cross examination of witnesses, highlighting key inconsistencies in their evidence.

Melanie trained with Bilton Hammond solicitors working closely with the then senior partner Geoffrey Bilton and his son Paul. As a result, she had the best training and has been providing representation in the Mansfield area for a decade.

Melanie is known for her patience which is valued by her clients, as well as her determined and tenacious attitude, which always achieves the best result possible in each and every case.

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Mansfield Office:
Corner House,
Union Street,
NG18 1RP

Tel: 01623 675816
Email: melanie.hoffman@vhsfletchers.co.uk

R v W – Assault. The client’s case was originally listed for trial in the Magistrates’ Court, the allegation of assault being strenuously denied. Case preparation involved seeing numerous defence witnesses and seeking disclosure of medical records to disprove evidence provided by prosecution witnesses.

The alleged victim attended the trial in a wheelchair alleging the use of the chair was necessary as a result of the assault and the Magistrates’ re-opened mode of trial and the case was thereafter dealt with in the Crown Court. Further evidence was obtained disproving the assertions made by the alleged victim resulting in the case being dismissed.

R v S and others Public Disorder. The clients were three servicemen who had become involved in a large scale fight in the town centre involving punches and kicks resulting in serious injuries. Each had significant mitigation and after studying the CCTV each role was identified. Much of the provocation had been omitted from the prosecution case, but this was highlighted to the court resulting in conditional discharges being imposed, thus allowing their careers to continue.

R v W Dangerous Dog. The usual good nature of the dog was shown by obtaining evidence from witnesses including expert opinion. This allowed the court to be persuaded that the case could be dealt with by way of a conditional discharge and the destruction of the dog was avoided.

R v D Neighbour Dispute. During cross examination the key prosecution witnesses were shown to be untruthful, resulting in an acquittal.

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