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Mick Loxton

Mick Loxton

nottingham criminal legal aid solicitors VHS Fletchers
Accredited police station representative Mick Loxton

Mick has been representing clients at the police station since 2003 and holds the PSQ permitting him to represent clients who ask for the Duty Solicitor.

Although spending his early childhood abroad (his father was in the armed forces) he spent the rest of his youth living in the Radford area of Nottingham. Mick works from the Nottingham office as a part off the Police Station and Magistrates Court team.

He has experience of dealing with the full range of offences from minor thefts to complex frauds and murder, with all other offences in between. In terms of clients, he has worked with members of the Royal College of Nursing, company directors and City Councillors, as well as the unemployed an people from all walks of life, cultures and backgrounds.

Mick gets on well with his clients as he has an easy going nature, although he does not hold back when making representations to the police in his client’s interests when the need arises.

Mick has the experience to handle any eventuality at the police station and has the skill to communicate at all levels with the police and clients alike. He will assess the situation and provide clients with clear and appropriate advice in the circumstances as they present. His ultimate aim is to make sure the client understands at every step of the way that their interests are being fully represented and to obtain the best outcome whilst at the police station for that client whatever time of the day or night.


Nottingham Office:
111 Carrington Street,

Tel: 0115 9599550
Email: mick.loxton@vhsfletchers.co.uk

Case of M. Theft. The client was a member of a City Council and was accused of removing property belonging to the local Council offices. The case required detailed analysis of the evidence at the investigation stage, together with difficult and delicate negotiation with the police. Eventually the police took no further action.

Case of O. Neglect. The client was a member of the nursing profession who was accused of neglecting a patient by not following recommended procedures in NHS care. The case was later reviewed by NHS and no further criminal action was taken against the client.

Case of A. Murder. The client was accused of being involved in a domestic argument that ended in the tragic death of his partner.

Case of N. Riot. The client was accused of being involved in Nottingham City Riots, part of the nationwide civil unrest in 2011, and it was alleged that he was seen on CCTV throwing a petrol bomb at Canning Circus Police Station with others, causing it to catch fire.

Case of C.  Threats to Kill.  Representation of a vulnerable detainee being investigated for making threats to kill to case home staff.  Advice and assistance free of charge under criminal legal aid.

Case of W.  Sexual assault. Provided free advice and assistance in police interview for a client accused of a serious sexual assault.

Case of R.  Indecency Allegations. Provided free representation in a police interview under caution in relation to indecency allegations.

Case of M.  Kidnap.  Free advice and assistance provided under criminal legal aid representing a client at the police station being investigated for an allegations of kidnap and assault occasioning actual bodily.

Case of D.  Burglaries.  Client interviewed under caution in relation to a complex series of burglaries where cars were stolen to order.  Advice and representation provided under free police station legal aid.

Case of B. Administering a noxious substance. Provided free represented to our client in police interview under caution investigating administering noxious substances to a minor.

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