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Nikki Carlisle

Nikki Carlisle

newark criminal defence solicitor Nikki Carlyle
Newark Associate Solicitor Nikki Carlisle

Nikki is an Associate Solicitor who has represented clients at police stations across the East Midlands, Lincolnshire and surrounding areas since 2012 for a wide variety of offences, including; armed robbery, serious sexual offences, violence offences, drugs offences, theft, burglary and road traffic offences.

She holds the Law Society CLAS qualification and is a Duty Solicitor providing free and independent legal advice to those who do not have a particular solicitor in mind at both the police station and court.

Based in Newark where she has lived for most of her life, Nikki uses her knowledge of the local people and areas to ensure that some outstanding results for her clients which might not have otherwise been the case.

From her Newark base, Nikki will always travel wherever she needs to go in order to assist her clients, who are always grateful for her dedication.

Nikki’s attention to detail means that cases are prepared thoroughly and her clients always feel that they have had the best representation possible.

On a personal level, she is endlessly patient and understanding.  She will always ensure that she takes the time to listen to a client’s personal circumstances without judgement.  This allows her clients to feel more at ease when discussing the best way forward for their case. This is particularly important in domestic violence cases, where things may often not be as they seem.


Newark Office:
Suite 11, Aura Business Centre
Manners Road
Newark, NG24 1BS

Tel: 01636 614013
Email: enquiries@vhsfletchers.co.uk

R v B. Sexual offence.  Crown Court litigator in the case of a juvenile male with Asperger’s Syndrome.  Nikki provided the client and his family with both emotional and legal support throughout this very difficult case. Thorough preparation meant that significant issues with the prosecution case were uncovered and after trial the client was found not guilty.

R v S.  Sexual assault.  Initially represented a client with severe health problems at the police station during interview.  Later gave evidence at the  Crown Court trial Nikki was required to give evidence as to what had happened in the police station.  In the Judges’ summing up this was described as “compelling evidence”. The client was found not guilty.

R v D.   Magistrates’ Court Advocacy. Nikki met with a client who had previously instructed another firm of solicitors and been convicted after trial. He was not happy with the service provided by that firm or how his case had been prepared. After just a short appointment in the office the client was able to say that she had showed more care and understanding than the other firm had throughout his entire case.  Following successful application to transfer Legal Aid she conducted the sentencing hearing.  Although the guidelines indicated that he should have received an immediate custodial sentence, Nikki’s mitigation persuaded the District Judge to sentence the client to suspend that sentence.

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