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Sarah Lees-Collier

Sarah Lees-Collier

nottingham crime solicitor sarah-lees collier
Crown Court Litigator Sarah-Lees Collier

Sarah has 20 years’ experience as a Crown Court caseworker. During that time she has qualified as a legal executive and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives. She also holds the PSQ accreditation which allows her to represent clients who have asked for the duty solicitor and those facing the most serious allegations.

She has substantial experience of dealing with cases involving cell site and ANPR evidence and the instruction of defence experts. Sarah has previously undertaken preparation on a significant number of benefit fraud cases involving prosecutions by the Department of Work and Pensions.

Additionally, the cases that she has dealt with have qualified as Very High Cost Cases, involving the need for Sarah to prepare the case plans that are a requirement of this type of work. Even when not VHCC, she specialises in complex cases proceeding to trial with large numbers of defendants. She has the ability to assess complex evidence at an early stage without the need to rely on the advocate providing direction, and as a result early preparation including the instruction of defence experts can take place to best advance her clients’ cases.

Clients will always warm to Sarah as she is extremely sympathetic and empathetic in sensitive cases. She has a particular expertise dealing with defendants with mental health, drug and drink issues and instructing experts in that regard that will assist the court but also the client.


Nottingham Office:
111 Carrington Street,

Tel: 0115 9599550
Email: sarah.leescollier@vhsfletchers.co.uk

R v P and others. Murder. The client was one of 9 accused charged with a joint enterprise murder that proceeded to trial.

R v H and others. Murder. The client was one of a family said to be implicated in the murder of a family member followed by disposal of the body. She was represented throughout several days of complex interviews.

R v D and others. Public Disorder. The client was said to be one of the lead figures in the Nottingham Riots, charged with conspiracy to commit violent disorder and involved in the making of petrol bombs used to attack a local police station.

R v Thompson. Rape. The case involved a defence of automatism to a rape allegation, with the client maintaining that the offence was committed whilst he was sleepwalking. The case preparation involved the instruction of a sleep expert who undertook a sleep analysis and confirmed a sleep disorder.

R v Ali and others. Public Disorder. The client was involved in a large multi-defendant incident of disorder.

R v H.  Conveying prohibited articles into prison.  Unusual outcome of a suspended sentence for Nottingham client in this particular case.  Read more here.

R v RB. Conspiracy to supply firearms.  Sarah was Crown Court Litigator on a case for a client charged with conspiracy to supply firearms. Extensive preparation included instructing an expert in drill music. At trial, significant evidence was called in our client’s defence, including character witnesses. The jury unanimously acquitted our client of all charges.

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