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Julia Haywood

Julia undertook her training with VHS solicitors, qualifying in 2000 and becoming a Duty Solicitor in 2001.

After building a reputation for diligent and methodical preparation in the police station and Magistrates’ Court, Julia has brought her attention to detail to bear on a significant number of serious, high profile cases, including some notable Very High Cost Cases. These include allegations of contract killings, international fraud and complex confiscation proceedings.

Julia is always in demand due to her sympathetic and understanding manner with her clients, who have sought her advice over the years and are always happy to recommend friends and associates to her.


Nottingham Office:
111 Carrington Street,

Tel: 0115 9599550
Email: Julia.haywood@vhsfletchers.co.uk

R v R. and others. Murder. High profile executions style double murder of an elderly couple said to have been retribution following a shooting in Nottingham the previous year.

R v H. Confiscation proceedings. Proceeds of Crime application following another high profile trial. Crown initially seeking £15M in benefit, but matter eventually compromised with an agreed assets of £283K.

R v M. Drugs Conspiracy. Client was a sales rep for a pharmaceutical company who was charged as part of a global conspiracy to import fake Viagra. Investigations in Sweden, the Caribbean and the Far East had generated a substantial amount of evidence. Following careful analysis the Crown was persuaded to offer no evidence at the start of the trial.

R v K and others. Drugs Conspiracy. Client was part of a multi-handed case involving 12 members of the same family. Client’s ultimate sentence reflected constructive dialogue with the Crown as to a realistic basis of plea.

R v S and others. Drugs Conspiracy. Complex confiscation proceedings where matters were dealt with by agreement to the satisfaction of all clients.

R v D Domestic Assault. Client was arrested for wounding with intent after she stabbed her violent ex-partner with scissors. She was living in a refuge at the time with her young son due to his violence. The case involved extremely careful handling due to the client’s distress, and the risk that she might lose care of her child. The client was not charged having satisfied the police in interview that she was acting in self-defence.

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