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Sarah Green

photograph by Thomas Wesley derby criminal lawyer sarah green
Derby crime and prison law solicitor Sarah Green

Sarah qualified as a solicitor in 2001, and joined Fletchers solicitors in 2002 in order to specialise in criminal litigation.  She obtained her Duty Solicitor qualification shortly thereafter, and has worked across our Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire offices, as well as within our regulatory department.

Clients would describe Sarah as personable and down to earth, with the additional benefit of a relaxed manner that helps put people at ease.  These qualities do not overshadow her ability to analyse the issues relevant to her clients’ cases in order to decide how best to achieve the outcome that the client hopes for.

She shows great attention to detail, ensuring that each element of a client’s case is properly progresses, including obtaining high quality expert advice when needed.  Sarah is particularly able at analysing whether the police have exercised lawfully their powers in relation to arrest or search.



Derby Office:
8 St Mary’s Gate

Tel: 01332 546818

Email: sarah.green@vhsfletchers.co.uk

GPC v SS – Regulatory Law – The client was a pharmacist facing numerous charges of misconduct.  Ultimately, detailed preparation allowed the bulk of the charges to be withdrawn prior to the hearing, and the majority of the remaining allegations were successfully defended resulting in the pharmacist keeping his licence to practice.

R v W Cannabis Production – Early preparation in the Magistrates’ Court allowed the client to take advantage of a negotiated basis of plea when sentenced before the Crown Court.  The Crown Court judge reluctantly felt that his hands were tied and imposed a low level community order rather than the custodial sentence that would normally be associated with such offending.

R v K Dangerous Dog – The client was charged with possessing a dangerous dog.  A top expert witness was enlisted to assist in the presentation of the case to the court and the dog was returned to its owner rather than destroyed.

R v S and another – Police Assault –  A husband and wife were acquitted of police assault when it was demonstrated to the court that the legal formalities required prior to police entering a private address had been overlooked by the police at the time, and then by the Crown.

R v J – Police Powers – The client successfully challenged the police officer’s power of arrest resulting in his acquittal.

R v H – Assault – The client was charged with assaulting a taxi driver, denying the matter in police interview and putting forward an explanation that suggested that the driver had behaved improperly.  Subsequent enhancement of CCTV on behalf of the defence showed that he was correct.


Irene Tolley

nottingham prison law specialist Irene Tolley
Prison Law Consultant Irene Tolley

Irene has been undertaking criminal work for about 40 years, initially assisting clients at the police station, preparing Magistrates’ Court cases and undertaking Crown Court litigation. She headed the Crown Court department at VHS until 2007.

She holds the PSQ permitting her to represent clients in the police station who have requested the Duty Solicitor.

Since 2007, Irene has concentrated upon providing quality advice and representation in prison law matters. She is a well-known representative at many prisons across the country owing to the length of time that she has been involved in criminal work.

Her passion about prison law will be obvious to all clients who meet her, as will be her ability to deal with a wide range of issues arising from a client’s situation in custody. These can include parole, recall, adjudications or re-categorisation. Initial advice will always be given as to whether legal aid is available to assist with these matters, but if not then she will undertake the work at competitive private rates.

Irene has had significant successes undertaking advocacy before the Independent Adjudicator and Parole Board. Where appropriate she will select skilled independent counsel to make such representations on a client’s behalf. In addition, she has successfully fought challenges by way of Judicial Review against prison governors, the Parole Board, the Secretary of State for Justice and Independent Adjudicators.

Irene is a member of the Association of Prison Lawyers.


Nottingham Office:
111 Carrington Street,

Tel: 0115 9599550
Email: Irene.tolley@vhsfletchers.co.uk

Case of J. Successful in persuading the Parole Board to release the client on parole even though he had only just been downgraded from Category A status two weeks before. He had served 15 years, all of that time within the High Security Estate.

Case of B. Successful Judicial Review of a decision of an Independent Adjudicator who had imposed an additional sentence upon a serving prisoner. The sentence was quashed.

Case or P.  Successful application for client to be moved to open conditions. Read more here.

Case of B. Successful application for release on parole despite lack of support by relevant parties.  Read more here

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