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Serena Simpson’s Day – Police Station Representation in a Murder Investigation

Many people have a pre-conceived idea as to what solicitors do. They sit behind desks, see clients and then write letters trying to get what their client wants. It is assumed this simply repeats itself every day.  This couldn’t be further from the truth, however, for criminal solicitors. Each day they attend the office with an idea of what the day should hold – perhaps appointments  with clients, a number of court appearances or police station representation.  Maybe some time has been set aside for preparation of a particular case.

Criminal solicitors deal with the unexpected

The reality is though that criminal solicitors have absolutely no idea what each day will bring.  A new client contact the office may result in the need for any number of actions.

A person may need assistance with a road traffic case or a low value shoplifting.   They may face an allegation of a serious sexual offence or assault involving life threatening injuries. No matter what the allegation criminal solicitors have to be prepared and adapt to how one new client may all of a sudden change their entire day.

police station representation murder
Chesterfield Crime Solicitor Serena Simpson

Chesterfield Crime Solicitor Serena Simpson recently had to deal with the unexpected. She had a quiet day with no clients before the Court so was planning to use the day reducing items on her ‘to-do’ list.

In the event she received a phone call from the police.  A client had been arrested for murder and she was required to attend the police station to provide advice and representation in interview.

Police are investigating a murder

From experience our staff know that an allegation of murder is likely to take many hours and in many cases days to resolve at the police station. Interviews can proceed through the night or into weekends.  In such a pressurised situation we know that clients will benefit from seeing the same criminal defence lawyer throughout these interviews.  As a result we will always take steps to ensure that a lawyer of appropriate experience can be present to advise for the entirety of the investigation state.

In this case Serena considered her diary for this and the next day and was able to re-allocate work.  This left her free to commit to providing continuity of representation at the police station.  This would mean that Serena would be working late but had no way to predict when she would finish.  There was also the obvious impact on her family life as she wouldn’t be home until late.  Any plans she had were cancelled.

Serena provided police station representation to her client into the late evening before returning home.  She continued to be in communication with the police until later that night. The following morning she received an early call early requesting her immediate return to the police station for further interviews.

After many hours at the police station Serena’s client was released without charge.  There was no cost to him as police station representation is free to anyone being interviewed in the police station.

Finally, Serena was able to return to the tasks she had planned two days earlier, whilst waiting to see which client with what offence would next need her assistance.

Contact us for dedicated police station representation

All of our staff strive to offer the best service to our clients.  This is illustrated by the steps Serena took so that she could provide police station representation throughout this case.

Our 24 hour emergency service means that if you require legal advice on any criminal matter, whatever the time of day or night, and seek a solicitor who provides you with the client care that you need then please telephone your local office to speak to a criminal defence lawyer.

Chesterfield Crime Solicitors VHS Fletchers can be called  on 01246 283000.  Alternatively you can contact any of our solicitors using the form below.


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