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Education Law Advice – Coming Soon

education law clare roberts
Clare Roberts

We have been fortunate enough to be able to recruit Clare Roberts, education law specialist and criminal duty solicitor to join us in the Spring.

She will be in post in time to provide advice to those parents who will have been disappointed by decisions made for primary school admissions.  These will be announced in April.

A Complex Area of Law

Clare recognises that issues surrounding education will be very important to those affected.  She will be able to provide our clients with expert legal advice upon the complex rules, regulations and laws that relate to these matters.

Help will be available in the following areas:

  • Special educational needs (SEN)
  • admission appeals
  • exclusion appeals
  • discrimination claims
  • problems arising at university such as plagiarism or misconduct
  • judicial review

Although the intention is that she will provide advice and representation for clients served by our six offices across the East Midlands, she has travelled further afield in the past to provide specialist advice that can be hard to find.

Fixed Fees will be Published

Over the coming weeks we will be devising and publishing fixed fees for certain types of work that will allow our clients to decide upon the level of service and assistance that they would wish and budget accordingly.