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Voluntary police interview leads to no further action

free legal aid for voluntary police interview
Newark crime solicitor Barbara McDonnell

Newark crime solicitor Barbara McDonnell recently represented a client in a voluntary police interview.  It was a somewhat unusual case. She negotiated an outcome that all parties were happy with.   her client had the benefit of free advice and representation.

Barbara’s client worked as an escort.  It was alleged that she had stolen a lap top from a vulnerable man in a care home.

Voluntary Police Interview

When the police tell a suspect that they want to speak to them voluntarily this is likely to create the wrong impression.  The conversation is still a police interview.  It will be an interview under caution.  It is likely to be recorded.  The information that the police gain in interview can be used against a suspect in court.

Barbara’s client requested that we be present in interview.  As this was an interview under caution the advice and representation would be free of charge due to criminal legal aid.  As a result, Barbara was able to give her advice and protect her interests during interview.

Our client received advice and answered all questions put to her.  She maintained that she was not guilty of theft as she had simply forgotten that she still had the laptop. At the point she had noticed she had it she would have returned it.  Unfortunately, she had dropped the lap top and it could no longer be used.

Police take no further action

Barbara’s client was worried about the case going to court.  She didn’t want anyone to know she had been working as an escort.  As a result she had been prepared to admit to a theft and receive a caution.  In the event, because of Barbara’s advice, she was able to offer to pay the victim the cost of a new laptop.   The police took no further action against her.

Contact a Newark Criminal Solicitor

This case highlights the importance of instructing a solicitor in a case from the outset.  It remains important even where you may have committed an offence.  We can help you to secure the best possible outcome for you in the circumstances.  We are contracted with the government so we can provide free police station advice.

If you are due to be interviewed by the police or have a case before court then please contact Newark criminal defence solicitor Barbara McDonnell or email her here.