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Newark Crime Solicitor Gives Presentation to A Level Students

Experienced Newark crime solicitor Ian Carter recently took time out from his practise to speak with a number of A Level Law students studying at Vision West Notts College.


He had met both teachers and students at the school after manning a stall at the recent Newark careers fair.  They were keen for him to visit and give a talk on the ‘real world’ application of their studies.

Real life examples of advice in murder cases

They had begun to study the offence of Murder, and over the years Ian had provided advice and representation at the police station, as well as Magistrates’ Court advocacy and the preparation of cases for Crown Court trial.

newark police station solicitor

Ian spent an hour with two different classes talking about how a solicitor first becomes involved in a case, the type of issues that arise at the police station, whether a client can be bailed, and how the case will then progress through the court process.  He was then able to answer questions from the students.

Positive Feedback from Students

The presentations received positive feedback.  The students felt that he had made the talk very interesting through his explanations of real cases.  Ian provided a good insight into the role of a solicitor and how he fits into other aspects of the legal system.  The examples that he gave allowed the students to put the law that they had learned into a real context.

The students admitted that they had been concerned that the presentation would be a little ‘dry’ but in the end, as is often the case, they were ‘hooked’ on the stories behind real cases.

As the course progresses it is hoped that Ian will be able to give further talks to add some colour to the students academic studies.

Contact Ian Carter to discuss similar presentations

newark criminal defence lawyer Ian Carter
Newark crime solicitor Ian Carter

If you are involved in education and such a talk might be helpful to your students, whether sitting GCSEs or A Levels, or are in further education, please contact Ian Carter using the form below.  We hope to be able to help and can discuss arrangements when we receive your enquiry.