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Racially Aggravated Assault – not guilty verdict after two day trial

racially aggravated assault trial solicitor Nick Wright
Derby criminal defence solicitor Nick Wright

Derby criminal solicitor Nick Wright recently dealt with a client before Derby Magistrates’ Court.  She faced an allegation of racially aggravated assault. Following a two day trial she was found not guilty.

Nick initially dealt with his client as duty solicitor.  Having met him, he applied for legal aid and she chose to continue to instruct him at trial.

A strong prosecution case

The prosecution case was apparently strong .  Four prosecution witnesses were called, each of them maintaining that Nick’s client was guilty of the offence.

All of the witnesses said that Nick’s client grabbed the complainant’s clothing, punched him and made reference to his nationality.  A claim was made that he’d been bullying our client’s daughter.

Racially aggravated assault allegation fabricated

Our client claimed that the allegation of assault was made up. The complainant had been bullying the son, and this allegation was part of that.  No racist language was used.

Fortunately, Nick was able to call his client’s teenage son and another person present to back up this account.  Owing to the son’s age, Nick successfully applied for Special Measures so that he could give evidence from behind a screen.

Although she provided helpful information, the other witness was reluctant to attend.  As it was crucial that all relevant and helpful evidence be before the court, Nick applied for a witness summons that compelled the witness to attend court.

Such active preparation by your criminal defence lawyer is crucial if you wish your best case to be before the Magistrates.

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