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Client in Possession of a Bladed Article

Nottingham criminal duty solicitor Jameel Malik was recently instructed in a sentencing before a District Judge at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court.  The case involved possession of a bladed article.

possession of a bladed article sentencing
Nottingham Magistrates’ Court

Possession of a Bladed Article

Jameel’s client was to be sentenced for possession of a bladed article.  There had been an argument with a shopkeeper.  This then led to our client arguing with his friend.

The second argument was witnessed by off duty police officers.  When approached by officers, Jameel’s client then ran away.  When detained and searched he was found to have a knife on him.

Breach of a Suspended Sentence

The offence put our client in breach of both a suspended sentence order and a conditional discharge.  Despite this, Jameel was able to persuade the Magistrates that a probation report ought to be ordered and the case was adjourned for one to be repaired.

Once the report had been prepared, Jameel was then able to argue that in this case it would not be just to activate the suspended sentence.  He put forward the following:

  • the suspended sentence order was imposed for a different type of offence
  • it had been imposed five months earlier
  • in that time, his client had been working well with the probation service

The District Judge, who had read the pre-sentence report, was persuaded by Jameel’s arguments.  The operation period in relation to the existing suspended sentence was extended by 6 months.

In relation to the offence of possession of a bladed article a new short suspended sentence was imposed.

No action was taken in relation to the conditional discharge.

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possession of a bladed article sentencing Nottingham Magistrates
Nottingham crime solicitor Jameel Malik

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