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Nottingham Duty Solicitor receives positive client feedback

nottingham duty solicitor helen lees
Crime and Regulatory solicitor Helen Lees

As a Nottingham duty solicitor Helen Lees recently represented a client before Nottingham Youth Court.

As a duty solicitor on the Nottingham scheme Helen will represent those on bail or in custody, adults or youths, who don’t have a particular solicitor that they want to instruct.  They are generally able to use the services of the Duty Solicitor.

Nottingham Duty Solicitor Scheme

On this occasion her client was a 17 year old appearing before Nottingham Youth Court.  He faced an allegation of common assault. He was going to plead guilty to the allegation.

He had attended court with his mother and step mother.  The case was not out of the ordinary or particularly serious.  It was clear, however, that Helen’s client and the two family members were treating the matter very seriously.  The son clearly regretted his actions.

As a duty solicitor, Helen will often meet clients who do not know anything about the court process or procedure.  They will not know the likely sentence for their offending.   As a result, Helen spends the time that it takes to ensure that they understand what is likely to happen in the court hearing.  She will advise on the likely outcome.

In this case Helen’s client pleaded guilty.  He had not been to court before so the court was able to sentence him immediately.  Much positive mitigation could be put.  He received a three month Referral Order.

Positive Client Feedback

nottingham duty solicitor client feedbackHelen was surprised when, shortly after the hearing, she received a thank you card from the family.

She was touched that they had taken the time to send it, and it was a reminder that all court cases are important to the people who take part in them.

Contact Nottingham Duty Solicitor Helen Lees

You will be able to take advantage of the services of the duty solicitor when you attend court for the first time but you may benefit from early advice and preparation.  Duty solicitors will be unable to deal with trials, for example.  Legal aid will often be available.  Alternatively we are likely to be able to deal with your case by affordable fixed-fee representation.

If you face criminal proceedings and wish to speak to Helen then please contact her on 0115 9441233 or email her here.

Conspiracy to defraud sentencing leads to positive client feedback

conspiracy to defraud nottingham criminal defence
Senior Crown Court litigator Laura Clarson

Nottingham crown court litigator Laura Clarson recently represented a client who face an allegation of conspiracy to defraud.

Laura’s client had been originally charged with conspiracy to defraud together with her brother.  She also faced two separate charges of fraud.

The allegations were serious so although of good character there was a real risk of a prison sentence.

The Allegations

It was alleged that she was guilty of conspiracy to defraud because she had opened a bank account.  Into this account money obtained by fraud could be deposited.

The individual frauds were based on the fact that she was in possession of two pre-paid cards that had been opened fraudulently. Large sums had been transferred onto the cards and the cards had been used. Both cards were registered to her address.

Conspiracy to defraud – basis of plea

At court, our client was represented by Nottingham criminal solicitor advocate Phil Plant.  He was able to negotiate pleas to a limited number of charges.  More importantly he was able to negotiate a basis of plea so that the risk of a prison sentence was reduced.

The prosecution accepted pleas to the conspiracy and to converting criminal property.  The second charge was in relation to the bank account.  Additionally, Phil persuaded the Crown not to pursue the charges relating to the pre-paid cards.

The basis of plea limited her involvement in the conspiracy to a single transaction.  This accurately reflected our client’s admitted involvement in the conspiracy.

Mitigation for a Suspended Sentence

Following plea, Laura’s client had the benefit of a pre-sentence report prepared by probation.  Phil put forward mitigation emphasising her limited involvement, personal circumstances and her previous good character.  This led the Judge to decide he could suspend the prison sentence.

This was a very worrying time for our client so she was extremely relieved at being spared custody.  We were very pleased to be able to help her at a difficult time.

Positive Client Feedback

conspiracy to defraud client feedbackAlthough our staff don’t expect it, they are always pleased when they receive a ‘thank you’ from clients who are pleased with the outcome of their case or know that we have done all we can to secure the best outcome for them.

In this case, Laura and Phil’s client wished to go further so went to the trouble and expense of sending a card and flowers.
conspiracy to defraud positive client feedbackIn turn, we would like to wish our client all the best in the future and we hope that she is able to put what was an admittedly serious error of judgement behind her.

Contact Laura Clarson

Any Crown Court case will be serious so you will want a legal team who will fight to make sure you receive the best outcome.  In instructing Laura Clarson you will know that she will give your case the time and attention that it needs.

Please telephone Laura on 0115 9599550 or email her here.