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Free Police Station Advice Leads to Restorative Justice Outcome

free police station advice newark crime solicitor
Nottingham and Newark Crime Solicitor Lauren Manuel

Nottingham and Newark crime solicitor Lauren Manuel recently gave free police station advice to a client at Newark police station.  She showed that just because a person may have committed an offence it doesn’t mean that they should be prosecuted at court.

The client had been contacted by the police to voluntarily attend the police station.  The police wanted to speak to her about an allegation of assault.  This was said to have taken place at a seaside amusement park.  The person said to be assaulted was a security guard.

The Allegation

The boyfriend of our client had been causing trouble at the park.  Security staff were trying to throw him out because he was drunk and behaving in a disorderly manner.  Whilst they struggled with him, Lauren’s client rang the police to complain about the way the staff were treating her boyfriend.  It was claimed that she hit one of the security staff on the head with her phone.  As a result of the attack the security guard received an inch long cut to his head.  He needed hospital treatment.

Free Police Station Advice

When the police tell a suspect that they want to speak to them voluntarily this is likely to create the wrong impression.  The conversation is still a police interview.  It will be an interview under caution.  It is likely to be recorded.  The information that the police gain in interview can be used against a suspect in court.

Lauren’s client realised that she was in a potentially serious situation.  She contacted Lauren to tell her about the interview and make arrangements for her to attend with her.  Lauren would be able to give her advice and protect her interests during interview. Further, because this was an interview by the police under caution the advice and representation would be free of charge.

When Lauren attended for the interview, it was clear that the evidence against the client was strong.  The police had CCTV evidence so she could be clearly identified.   They had also traced the call to the police as coming from a mobile phone registered to her.

The nature of the interview meant that any charge would be Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm.  If convicted at court she could well have faced a custodial sentence.

Restorative Justice Negotiated

Lauren’s client was a single mother with two small children so was obviously very scared at facing the prospect of a prison sentence.  She admitted hitting the security guard although she had not intended to cause him such a serious injury.  She was extremely sorry for what she had done, and wanted to apologise to the victim.

As a result, Lauren advised the client to give her account to the police in interview.  It would be an opportunity to offer an apology and put forward her genuine remorse.

Lauren was then able to make representations to the police that the matter be considered for a restorative justice disposal.  These representations were successful so the prosecution was avoided. The matter was dealt with by her client writing a letter of apology to the victim.

Contact a Newark Criminal Solicitor

This case highlights the importance of instructing a solicitor in a case from the outset.  It remains important even where you may have committed an offence.  We can help you to secure the best possible outcome for you in the circumstances.  We are contracted with the government to provide free police station advice.

Lauren splits her time between our Nottingham and Newark offices. If you are due to be interviewed by the police or have a case before court then please contact her on 0115 9599550 or 01636 614013.  To send a message to her directly email her here.