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The police gun amnesty – two weeks to surrender firearms and ammunition

The Police Gun Amnesty

A two-week police gun amnesty begins on 13 November 2017 across the UK.  During this period people will have an opportunity to dispose of firearms and ammunition safely.  It is advertised as there being ‘no questions asked’ upon surrender.

Who is the campaign aiming to reach?

police gun amnestyThe police gun amnesty is aimed at two distinct groups of people.  The first contains those who know they are in possession of illegal weapons or ammunition.  The second group are those who are perhaps innocent custodians of a weapon and are maybe even unsure as to its legal status.  Members of this group might be too frightened to do anything about it.

If I have a weapon what should I do?

You should ring 101 to make the necessary arrangements with the police. They will either direct you to take it to a nominated police station or arrange for its collection from you.

You do not have to give the police any information about yourself or the weapon if you do not wish to do so.

Will, I face prosecution?

police gun amnestyAs this is an amnesty you will not be prosecuted for possessing the weapon or ammunition at the point it is handed over to the police.

The police have made it clear, however, that the firearm may be inspected further to see whether it can be connected to any past criminal offences.

If the police discover that the weapon has been used in criminal activity then this will give rise to a further investigation.  The amnesty does not prevent the police arresting, interviewing and prosecuting people for those other offence

Are we able to help?

You might be in one of the groups who wish to take advantage of the amnesty.  You may, however, be worried about the issue of whether any criminal liability will arise.

If you have these worries then you will want to take advice before you take any action.  Please contact one of our specialist criminal lawyers at the nearest office to you.

two week police gun amnesty
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