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Justice Week – What is it and what will it achieve?

justice weekJustice Week is a new initiative setup by the three legal professional bodies; the Law Society, the Bar Council and the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx).

The purpose of the week is to boost the profile of justice and the rule of law, helping to place them at the centre stage of public and political debate.

With many parts of the system at breaking point, now is the time to make a strong and clear case for why they are so fundamental to our society, economy and democracy.

Justice Week will launch a week-long programme of research, public events, and digital content, bringing together media, politicians, industry, the third sector and the general public.

Justice Week aims to:

  • promote the value of justice and the rule of law to audiences beyond the legal community to inspire and activate those who have not been a part of conversations on justice or listened to by decision-makers
  • build public support for core campaigns on access to justice and the rule of law
  • increase public understanding of the role of government in the administration of justice and how the legal profession supports the justice system.
  • demonstrate to decision-makers that the impact of justice policy is widely felt and understood, and that a wide range of communities and constituents can articulate their concerns and demands
  • highlight the work undertaken every day by individual legal practitioners – particularly that work which is undertaken pro bono – to improve access to justice and the rule of law

When is it Justice Week taking place?

In 2018, Justice Week will run between Monday 29 October and Friday 2 November.

Pro Bono

National Pro Bono Week (NPBW) was conceived in 2001 by the then Attorney General and the Attorney General’s Committee to recognise the contribution that legal professionals make, free-of-charge, to people and organisations in need of legal advice and representation who would otherwise be unable to afford it. It was run and funded by the three professional bodies.

Building on the achievements of National Pro Bono Week, Justice Week will celebrate the pro bono work of legal professionals and support, guide and encourage those who or are looking to undertake pro bono work for the first time.

The Law Society, Bar Council and CILEx continue to support the pro bono sector with:

  • Guide to pro bono support
  • Funding for events
  • Providing publicity on initiatives and areas of concern
  • Providing events and support during Global Pro Bono Week

What can we do?

The Law Society’s Richard Miller

Richard Miller, head of the Justice Team at the Law Centre, commented:

“If we want to win the arguments about justice, we have to get smarter at explaining to people what it means in relation to their day to day lives, and why they should care as deeply as we do that access to justice in this country is under threat, as Supreme Court Justice Lord Wilson said in September 2018.

There is no one approach that will engage people. But there are reasons why people, whatever drives them, should care about access to justice.”

We are always trying to increase the awareness of the services provided by this firm and others within the criminal justice system.

For example, we have published a series of posts about the advantages of taking advantage of free and independent legal advice at the police station.

You can read ten good reasons to do so here.

Our posts try to explain the ingredients of offences and any defences that might be available,

For example, you can read about drug driving offences here.

The articles also illustrate the value that a solicitor can bring in the preparation and presentation of a case:

Here are some thoughts on expressions of regret and remorse in mitigation.

Hopefully articles such as this can make small changes over time in the public perception of criminal legal aid lawyers.

Discuss your case with a solicitor specialising in crime

If you know that the police wish to speak to you, or have been interviewed, or face court proceedings, then please speak with one of our criminal solicitors.

You can find your nearest offices here.

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