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Final weeks of work placement at Nottingham Law Centre

Newly qualified regulatory solicitor Elliott Moulster, based at our Ilkeston office spent a period pre-qualification on secondment to Nottingham Law Centre.

You can read more about his placement here and here.

nottingham law centreElliott was certainly kept busy during the final two weeks of his placement.  During his time there he had become a valued member of the Law Centre’s Welfare Benefits Department.

He continued to progress a significant number of welfare benefits cases.  Elliott was now in a position to provide advice to many vulnerable clients who required assistance.  There were plenty of calls to be made and letters to be written to the DWP,  This was combined with his attendance and assistance at community events.

Housing Law Duty Scheme

In addition to continuing with the valuable welfare benefits work, Elliott also had the opportunity to experience some housing law.  He attended Nottingham County Court with one of the housing solicitors, Anne Downey who was undertaking work under the Housing Duty solicitor scheme.  Elliott was impressed how, much like a criminal duty solicitor,  Anne was able to provide detailed and accurate advice in a very short period of time.

Since Elliott was given the above opportunity, he also spent a great deal of time familiarising myself with various aspects of housing law. This included

  • court procedure
  • the eviction process, and
  • possible defences to eviction.

nottingham law centreElliott’s most memorable piece of work happened on his very last day at Nottingham Law Centre. The Housing Department had a case in which they had to prove a defendant’s right to reside in the UK. Elliott drafted submissions to the court as to the individual’s right to reside.

This work followed similar submissions that Elliott had made on the topic to the Social Security Upper Appeal Tribunal.  In that case his representations had been approved and appreciated by the judge due to them being accurate but concise. Although the nature of the work is such that instructions are received at the last minute, he was able to prepare and deliver the submissions in the nick of time.

A big thank you to Nottingham Law Centre

In conclusion, Elliott had spent a fantastic time at Nottingham Law Centre.  The spell complimented the training in criminal law that he had received in our regulatory and criminal law departments.   He learnt a great deal and developed a number of transferable skills.

nottingham law centreElliott has no have no doubt that this experience will benefit him as he begins his life as a solicitor. The partners of VHS Fletchers are very grateful to supervising solicitor Sally Denton and all at the Law Centre for making the experience so rewarding.  Particular thanks must go to Diana Bagci who was a wonderful supervisor.

Although Elliott’s time at the Nottingham Law Centre is over, this won’t be goodbye.  Elliott is already a team member for the Nottingham Legal Walk on 10 May.

Read more about that and give generously here.

Elliott Moulster nottingham law centre

Support Nottingham Law Centre with the Nottingham Law Walk

The Nottingham Law Centre is currently preparing and recruiting for this year’s Nottingham Legal Walk.  It is due to take place on Thursday 10 May 2018, beginning at 5.30pm.  The aim is for walkers to raise funds for legal advice charities such as the Law Centre.

The Law Centre is a valuable resource for the vulnerable in Nottingham.  During the financial year 2016/2017 the Law Centre helped the following clients:

These positive outcomes were achieved:

More information about the last year can be found here.

Why do the Nottingham Legal Walk?

David Howarth, practice manager at the Law Centre, writes:

“10K is quite a big ask for those of us who spend most of our time sat behind a desk.  We take part, however, to raise much needed funds for charities like ours.  This is especially important at a time of seemingly never-ending cuts.

It is also a great opportunity to raise awareness about the day-to-day issues and struggles faced by people living in Nottingham.”

Sally Denton, supervising solicitor says:

“We really need the money.  We are seeing cuts in funding whilst we are trying to help more people with more complicated issues.

It is good to be able to help people avoid eviction or to secure housing after they have been street homeless for ages but it needs resources to get results.”

Please click here to make a financial donation.

If you would like to join David, Sally and the Law Centre staff for some (or all) of the Nottingham Legal Walk then you can email him here for details.

As a minimum, David would ask that you keep your fingers crossed that it doesn’t rain!