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Alumni Fellowship at Nottingham Law School

As a Nottingham Law School Alumni, our trainee solicitor Elliott Moulster has recently been asked to join the NLS Alumni Fellowship. The aim of the fellowship is to help put students at Nottingham Law School in contact with members of the legal profession. It is hoped that in doing so, legal professionals are able to share their knowledge, skills and experience with the next generation of lawyers.

VHS Fletchers currently supports students with placements and work experience.  Elliott was very keen to join the Alumni scheme and maintain a positive relationship with the university. Whilst Elliott was at university, he personally benefited from a professional mentor and can therefore appreciate how beneficial they are to students.

Valuable Experience

The Fellowship provides many different ways for professionals to get involved and actively encourages its members to come up with novel initiatives. Some of the activities that the program runs include:

  • mentoring
  • networking events
  • employability workshops
  • blog writing
  • opportunities for pro-bono work

So far, Elliott has supported and attended numerous events run by the university. He has also started mentoring students interested in a future in criminal law. Although as a trainee he may still have a lot to learn and experience himself, Elliott knows he can assist. He will be particularly helpful in explaining how to make the jump from university to professional practice as he has only recently done so himself.

Developing our involvement

nottingham law school alumni fellowship
Trainee solicitor Elliott Moulster

Elliott is also currently looking for ways to expand his involvement in the scheme.  These include ideas such as drop in mentoring sessions currently being discussed.

Overall, Elliott feels that it is an extremely worthwhile and rewarding opportunity. One of which he is also very thankful to have the firm’s support in pursuing. The university is always looking for more fellows and Elliott would encourage as many people as possible to get involved.

Contact Elliott Moulster about the Alumni Fellowship

If you have any queries about the scheme or how Elliott could help you then please telephone him on 0115 9441233.  You can email him here.