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Sexual Activity with a Child Sentence

Nottingham criminal solicitor advocate Phil Plant

Nottingham solicitor advocate Phil Plant recently dealt with a serious case involving sexual activity with a child that required a sensitive presentation of mitigation to secure a just sentence for his client.  The preparation undertaken by senior crown court litigator Sarah Lees-Collier, including the request for a psychologist report, assisted greatly.

Sexual Activity with a Child

Phil’s female client had pleaded guilty to four offences of sexual activity with a child.  She had had a relationship with a teenage boy involving sexual contact.

sexual activity with a child
Nottingham Crown Court

The relationship had come to the attention of the boy’s mother.  She had contacted Phil’s client and told her of her son’s age.  She was instructed to end the relationship.  This advice was ignored and the relationship continued and moved to a sexual phase.

The boy had provided the police with a detailed victim impact statement describing how he felt that he had been made to grow up too fast.

Our Client was Vulnerable

In turn, Phil’s client presented as very vulnerable.  She suffered from learning impairment and a lack of social awareness.  She had suffered bullying at school and that had led to difficulties for her in forming peer to peer relationships.

In the view of her parents, and confirmed by a psychologist, she was less emotionally mature than her 15 year old sister.  In addition she had been diagnosed with epilepsy that on occasions left her with slurred speech.

Suspended Sentence Imposed

Phil had to approach the case with sensitivity.  The judge accepted that the offending fell within a sentencing bracket that had a starting point of 12 months for at least two of the offences.  The judge as persuaded, however, that taking into account all the personal mitigation a 16 month prison sentence could properly be suspended for 24 months.

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Vulnerable Client Avoids Custody

Nottingham based in-house counsel Steve Gosnell and senior Crown Court litigator Sarah Lees-Collier worked together to ensure a constructive sentence was imposed on a vulnerable client at Nottingham Crown Court.

Serious Offences

sexual activity child
Nottingham Crown Court

Their client was initially to be sentenced for two allegations of sexual activity with a child. He was 19 at the time of the allegations, but the victim was only 13.

Our client had learning difficulties and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and in the past had problems with alcohol and drug use.  This combination of factors had led to previous incidents of self-harm.

Steve’s client maintained that they were in a consensual relationship. He accepted advice that this believe did not provide him with a defence and guilty pleas were entered at an early stage of proceedings.

In the meantime our client was charged with an allegation of Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm (ABH).  This was a serious joint attack on an immigrant.  The incident was captured on CCTV.  This showed our client kicking the victim and putting him headlock whilst on ground as part of a sustained group attack.

Again, following advice, he pleaded guilty in the Magistrates’ Court and his case was committed for sentence.  The two others involved were younger than our client.  They were also sentenced but received periods of detention.

Expert Psychologist Report

Sarah correctly identified that the court would benefit from a report dealing with his personal difficulties.  A report was obtained from a psychologist with expertise in dealing with young children and immature adults.

This report was shared with the Probation officer writing the pre-sentence report.  This led to a recommendation of  a suspended sentence including community activities.  Our client had helped himself by voluntarily attending and alcohol treatment program.

Constructive Sentence

Steve made detailed representations about categorisation of both the sexual offences and assault matter.  It was argued that the aggravating features could be properly balanced against our client’s immaturity and the level of his intellectual function.

As a result, the Judge felt able to step away from an immediate custodial sentence and instead suspend sentence with onerous but constructive community elements.  The sentence would operate to protect the public in future by reducing the risk of any repetition of offending.

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