Police Station Advice

We believe it is essential that everyone under arrest or being interviewed by the police has access to expert legal representation.

This is because whatever is said in a police interview under caution will affect the rest of your case.

It will help the police and prosecution decide whether you are to be charged with an offence or whether an out of court disposal is more appropriate.

Magistrates’ or a jury will take into account what you said (or didn’t say) in interview at any future trial.

In virtually every case, requesting legal advice will not delay your release. Our goal will be to avoid charge, but if not we will aim to place you in the best possible position at any future court proceedings.

Legal advice in the police station is free to everyone who is arrested, and we provide immediate nationwide representation 24 hours a day every day of the year.

The following articles will help explain the importance of taking advantage of your right to free and independent police station advice as well as explaining the procedures and processes you are likely to encounter:

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