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Standing in the dock in front of a magistrate is something we all think can’t happen to us – until it does. If you drive, it only takes a simple mistake for you to end up at court. Very often, you may not have done what the police or prosecution allege.

The law and procedure for motoring offences is complex. The police and prosecutors don’t always get it right. Our solicitors have the expert knowledge and experience to help you through all aspects of the investigation and court case. Our motoring solicitors will give you the best advice and representation at all stages of the process. We will always look for the obvious, and not so obvious, defences to avoid a conviction.

As motoring offence solicitors we understand that for most drivers the harshest punishment is the loss of your driving licence. We will do everything possible to help you keep your licence.

Investigations may often begin with the service of a notice of intended prosecution with a request of details under s172 Road Traffic Act 1988. Decisions made and information given at this early stage can adversely affect you in any proceedings that you might subsequently face. Please telephone one of our specialist motoring offence solicitors immediately you receive such a notice to receive appropriate advice.

Even if you are up to 12 penalty points on your licence, a totting ban is not inevitable. As motoring solicitors we are experts at successfully persuading the court not to impose a disqualification, due to the exceptional hardship that would be suffered by yourself or others.

Our motoring solicitors covers all offences from going through a red light to causing death by Dangerous Driving. We have vast experience of representing drivers in every imaginable situation. We regularly represent professional drivers and those who drive high mileages – whose jobs depend on keeping their licence.

We will investigate whether legal aid is available in your case, but click here to find out about alternative funding of these cases.

We cover motoring offences in Nottingham, Derby, Chesterfield, Mansfield and Newark

We can often make the difference between losing your licence and keeping it.

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