Motoring Offences Fixed Fees

As well as the outcome of your road traffic case being important to you, so will be your ability to know in advance the cost to you of our representation and what that price includes.

We will always provide you with advice as to your entitlement to legal aid.  If this can be granted in the Magistrates’ Court then our advice and representation will be free of charge to you.

Where legal aid is not available we have helped you by setting  out the details of the motoring offences fixed fees that we offer to deal with straightforward cases before the Magistrates’ Courts at Nottingham, Mansfield, Derby and Chesterfield.

We are still able to represent you if your case is being heard at a court other than these.  The cost of our representation will be based on these motoring offences fixed fees.  The core cost to you will remain the same but a higher fee will be fixed including travel costs.  We aim to make our specialist motoring law advice and representation available at more distant courts.

Each fixed fee set out below is inclusive of VAT and includes preparation for the Magistrates’ Court hearing including advice and collation of evidence, representation at court by one of our specialist solicitors and advice on appeal if that is necessary.

Representation at court upon Guilty plea with sentence at a single hearing
£420 inclusive

Representation at court upon guilty plea with sentence at a separate hearing
£600 inclusive

Not guilty plea and half day trial
£1440 inclusive

Not guilty plea and full day trial
£2160 inclusive

Additional day or part day of trial
£600 inclusive

Exceptional hardship argument to avoid disqualification
£600 inclusive

Special reasons argument to avoid disqualification
Fees as for trials
Half day – £1440 inclusive
Inclusive Full day –  £2160 inclusive
Inclusive Additional day of part day – £600 inclusive

Appeal to the Crown Court Appeal against sentence – £1020 inclusive

Additional Expenses In addition, some trials will involve the instruction of experts to provide reports such as ‘back calculations’ where you are alleging post-driving consumption of alcohol.  The fee for these reports is not included in the fixed-fess set out above, and there will be an additional cost, often in the region of £300 inclusive.

Representation at a more distant court will incur an additional expense of £60 per hour inclusive travel time.  Any mileage to more distant courts will be at the inclusive rate of £0.54 per mile with additional disbursements such as parking.

Although unlikely, some cases may be particularly complicated and therefore unsuited to a fixed fee approach.  We will identify such cases immediately and provide you with separate advice as to the likely cost to conclusion.

The Benefits of our expert representation for your motoring law case

Although there may be a temptation to represent yourself, bearing in mind the cost of legal fees, our solicitors are experts in securing the best result for you.

They each have an excellent tactical awareness of how to best put your case before the Magistrates’ Court and will present any argument in a convincing, persuasive and compelling way.  They will ensure that any necessary supporting documentation is before the court.

The effect of a conviction and driving ban can acutely effect both you private and work life, so you may wish to think very carefully when choosing whether or not to have legal representation.

Our Motoring Law Solicitors

We believe that it is important that you are able to see the experience of our solicitors who will represent you at court for road traffic matters.  As a result we have published full profiles for all of our lawyers.  You can read about the solicitor dealing with you case by following this link.

You can find your nearest office here.

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