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Derby Youth Court solicitor deals with serious offences

derby youth court criminal solicitor
Derby crime solicitor Nick Wright

Experienced Derby Crime solicitor Nick Wright recently represented a vulnerable 12 year old client charged with a serious sexual offence involving another child.  He appeared before Derby Youth Court.

As a senior solicitor, Nick had the knowledge and ability to be able to deal with such a serious case that would, in the case of an adult, be before the Crown Court.

Case Remained in Derby Youth Court

Nick was able to support an argument that his client’s case remain before the Youth Court.  This was likely to mean that the proceedings were less formal and would be less stressful for both his client and any young witnesses who had to attend court.

A case of this sensitivity involved numerous meetings between Nick, the client and his family.  It was identified at an early stage that Nick’s client would benefit from an assessment by a child psychologist.  The report prepared confirmed that if the matter proceeded to trial Nick’s client would need the benefit of a trained and registered intermediary so that our client would be able to follow proceedings properly and give evidence, if necessary, to the best of his ability.

Child Psychologist and Registered Intermediary Instructed

derby youth court solicitor
Derby Magistrates’ Court

As the case progressed and the assessments were completed, Nick continued to meet with the family and his client.  As Nick was able to explain the evidence to his client, his client’s account began to change.  By the end of the process it was clear that he was admitting some but not all of the offending alleged against him.

Nick was able to use his judgement to decide that owing to his client’s vulnerabilities this did not seem like a case where anyone would expect to see his client in custody.  As a result, it seemed likely that the prosecution would be prepared to proceed on the basis of what the client accepted.

Agreed Basis of Plea leads to Referral Order

As a result Nick negotiated with the prosecution pleas to a single offence, and on a basis of plea that reflected what his client accepted doing.  This was accepted by the prosecution and the District Judge managing the case.

Taking into account the reports obtained during the case, and with input from the Youth Offending Team,  the District Judge sitting at Derby Youth Court imposed a Referral Order for the offence.  This is an order designed to intervene in a young person’s life to try and ensure that there is no further offending.

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