Parole Board Oral Hearings for Parole and Recall

The Parole Board has the discretion to hold an oral hearing to determine whether a prisoner’s risk has reduced to the extent that they can be managed within the community.

Oral Hearings can be recommended for a number of cases including recalls where it is felt live evidence needs to be heard and considered by a panel before a decision on release can be made but they are also held for long serving prisoners such as Indeterminate Sentence Prisoners’ (IIPs) or prisoners serving a life sentence with a minimum term of imprisonment.

Prisoners will be notified in good time if an oral hearing has been granted in their case during which time a dossier will be produced and served upon all parties including the Parole panel, the prisoner and their legal representative. The dossier is an important and complex document which includes reports from a number of professionals both in and out of the prison system.

Once the dossier is received this is considered by a member of the prison law team who will then meet with the prisoner to discuss the document and address any issues or concerns within. The legal representative then drafts written representations to be added to the dossier and prepares the case for hearing.

Legal aid funding is available for all aspects of an oral hearing case including written representations and attendance at the oral hearing.

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