Re-Categorisation in prison

VHS Fletchers Solicitors’ experienced Prison Law team can offer advice and representation to prisoners on re-categorisation and categrorisation reviews.

Risks posed by prisoners change over the course of a sentence of imprisonment and as a result consideration can be given as to whether a prisoner’s risk has reduced to the extent that transfer to a lower category prison can be considered.

A number of factors are taken into account including:

  • Evidence that the level of risk posed by the prisoner has significantly reduced;
  • New of additional information which impacts on the original category decision and/or;
  • Concern that the previous categorization is unsound with evidence to support this, finally;
  • Consideration of control issues in that the prisoner poses a threat to the security of the establishment or the safety of staff and prisoners or that the prisoners’ notoriety potentially undermines the security of the prison

If a prisoner is refused re-categorisation VHS Fletchers can consider the case and whether an appeal of the decision can be made by way of written representations.

Whilst re-categorisation appeals are not covered under the Legal Aid Scheme our competitive rates allow us to provide a comprehensive service on your behalf.

We have offices across the East Midlands and provide nationwide advice and representation.  Find your nearest office here. Alternatively use the contact form below to get in contact with our prison law specialists.

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