Crown Court Representation

When charged with more serious offences for example GBH (Grievous Bodily Harm), violent disorder, or affray your case is likely to be allocated to the Crown Court for trial.  Some charges can only be tried at the Crown Court.  In some cases the Magistrates might thing their sentencing powers are insufficient or your case is too complex for them to deal with.

If you have pleaded guilty your case may be committed to the Crown Court for you to be sentenced.  This will be when the Magistrates feel that if guilty the sentence should be longer than the 6 months imprisonment that they can impose.

Cases at the Crown Court often take many many months to conclude,  If not guilty pleas are entered then they will involve trials in front of juries.  You will be represented by specialist barristers of solicitor advocates.

VHS Fletchers will  assist by advising our clients throughout this process.  We also have the benefit of in-house counsel and solicitor advocates which improves the likelihood of continuity of representation and permits easier access to your advocate.

See examples of Crown Court cases dealt with by this firm here that relate to football disorder.

Not football related violence says Judge

Successful appeal against football banning order

As part of the preparation of your case you will be assigned a designated crown court litigator who will be able to assist in preparing your case.  They will answer any questions as your case progresses. This will include advising you on the strength of the evidence and whether any application for a Football Banning Order will succeed.

VHS Fletchers Solicitors will act for clients in all Crown Courts across England and Wales.  Legal Aid is likely to be available for football related offences.  You can read more about Crown Court legal aid here.   We will assist you with making your legal aid application.

If legal aid is refused or you feel that any contribution is too high then we we can represent clients by way of affordable fixed fees or by charging on an hourly basis. If your case is dealt with by way of a fixed fee then you will know the final cost of your case from the outset to ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises at the end of your case.

To instruct one of our football law specialists then please contact us using the below form or calling one of the below named experts.

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