Magistrates’ Court Representation

If the police and Crown Prosecution Service decide that you should be prosecuted for a criminal offence you can be charged in person at a police station and provided a date to attend Court.  Alternatively you will be written  to with a date to attend Court.

As soon as you are informed of a court date you should contact the specialist football law solicitors at VHS Fletchers.  There will be work that needs to be undertaken to ensure your case is prepared for that first hearing.

All criminal cases within England and Wales begin at the Magistrates’ Court.  This court will decide whether some cases stay there or go to the Crown Court.  Some cases will be automatically transferred to the Crown Court by the Magistrates.

The court will expect a plea to be entered at the first hearing. If a not guilty plea is entered the case will be listed for trial with details required about any defences being raised, confirmation of witness requirements and other legal issues addressed.

If a defendant pleads guilty the case will immediately proceed to sentence with all sentencing options, including the possibility of prison, being considered by the Court.

It is at this stage that the prosecution will also apply for a football banning order when a case is football related.

The court is unlikely to agree to an adjournment to oppose this.  Early engagement with a solicitor is vital to be able to oppose such an application.

VHS Fletchers Solicitors will act for clients in all courts across England and Wales.

Legal Aid is often available for Football related offences provided the interests of justice and means test are passed. Staff at VHS Fletchers can assist with this application.

If legal aid is refused we can represent clients on a private fixed fee basis. A fixed fee will be agreed at the start of the case to ensure there are no surprises with our bill at the end of your case.

If you are found not guilty VHS Fletchers Solicitors can assist with making a claim to have some or all of you private fees returned to you.

To instruct a football law solicitor at VHS Fletchers please contact us using the below form or calling one of our experts.

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