Free advice and representation in police interview

 We believe it is essential that everyone under arrest or being interviewed by the police has access to expert legal representation.

This is because whatever is said in a police interview under caution will affect the rest of your case and may result in you being banned from attending football matches in the future.

Defence solicitors often hear that clients did not ask for a solicitor at interview because they thought it would delay the case, or the Police said they “just wanted a chat.”

The importance of an interview with the police cannot be underestimated. Its purpose is for the police to ask you questions to help them and the Crown Prosecution Service decide whether you are guilty of a crime or not. Depending on the seriousness of the case your interview could be a significant factor in deciding if a football banning order be imposed or in more serious matter if you end up in prison.

With the nature of football related investigations it is often the case that the police do not arrest people as an incident occurs. This regularly means the Police contact the suspect many weeks or months after an incident and ask them to attend for “a chat about what happened at the match.”

The Police may not use the word “interview” and may arrange this to take place at your home or other place which is not a police station. As soon as the Police contact you, you should contact a Solicitor who can attend with you, whatever the location, in order to advise you on the law, the strength of the evidence and any defences you may have.  You will also receive advice as to whether you should volunteer to take part in the interview at all.

Do not be fooled into thinking that the Police are there to help you.  They often do not know the law as well as they think, but anything you said often cannot be changed without significant impact upon your case.

Legal advice in the police station is free to everyone who is arrested, and we provide immediate nationwide representation 24 hours a day every day of the year.

The following articles will help explain the importance of taking advantage of your right to free and independent police station advice as well as explaining the procedures and processes you are likely to encounter:

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